Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down

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West Point Exposed

Life Before West Point
Chapter One (01)
Chapter One (02)
Chapter One (03)
Chapter One (04)
Chapter One (05)
Chapter One (06)
Chapter One (07)

West Point Beast Barracks
Chapter Two (01)

Chapter Two (02)

Plebe Year - Still A Beanhead
Chapter Three (01)
Chapter Three (02)
Chapter Three (03)

Yearling Year - Life As A Human Again
Chapter Four (01)

Chapter Four (02)

Cow Year - Truth or Consequences
Chapter Five (01)
Chapter Five (02)

Chapter Five (03)

Three Down and One To Go
Chapter Six (1)
Chapter Six (2)
Chapter Six (3)

Same As It Ever Was
Chapter Seven (01)
Chapter Seven (02)

Best of West Point
Chapter Eight

The Poster Boy & His Toxic Leadership
Chapter Nine (01)
Chapter Nine (02)

American Empire - Enemy of The World
Chapter Ten (01)
Chapter Ten (02)
Chapter Ten (03)

Lost Liberty for Police State Security
Chapter Eleven (01)
Chapter Eleven (02)



List of Peace Organizations

Darthmouth Conferences
Hands Off the People of Iran
Institute for Economics and Peace
International Campaign Against Aggression on Iraq
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
International Campaign to Ban Landmines
International Fellowship of Reconciliation
International Peace Bureau
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
International Society for Peace
Mondpaca Esperantista Movado World Peace Esperanto Movement
Nobel Women's Initiative organized by female Nobel Peace Prize winners
Nonviolent Peaceforce
Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs
Students for Justice in Palestine
War Resisters' International
World Peace Council
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
World Congress of Intellectuals for Peace

Anti-War Coalition
Committee on South African War Resistance
End Conscription Campaign
Koeberg Alert

Peace Now
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Committee of 100
Direct Action Committee
Military Families Against the War
No Conscription Fellowship
Peace Pledge Union
School Students Against War
Soviet Peace Committee - Soviet era State controlled organization
Spies for Peace
Stop the War Coalition
Stop the War Committee - opposed the Second Boer war

North America
United States
America First Committee - opposed American entry into
the Second World War
American League Against War and Fascism
American Peace Mobilization
American Peace Society
A.N.S.W.E.R. (also known as International ANSWER and
ANSWER Coalition)
Another Mother For Peace
Anti-War Committee
Campus Antiwar Network
Committee for Non-Violent Action (later merged with the
War Resisters League)
Committee for Nonviolent Revolution
Center on Conscience & War (formerly known as NISBCO)
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
The Council for National Interest
Code Pink: Women for Peace
Common Dreams
ChildVoice International
Direct Action to Stop the War
Environmental and Peace Education Center (EPEC)
GI Rights Network
Gold Star Families for Peace
Iraq Veterans Against the War
Iraq Peace Action Coalition
Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives
Military Families Speak Out opposed to war in Iraq
Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam
National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam
National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam
National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee
New York Peace Society - first peace society in U.S.,
opposed 19th and 20th century wars
No Conscription League
Not in Our Name
Peace Action
Peace and Freedom Party
People's Council of America for Democracy and Peace -
anti-World War I group
Port Militarization Resistance
September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
Spring Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam
Students for a Democratic Society (2006 organization)
The World Can't Wait
Troops Out Now Coalition
United for Peace and Justice
Veterans for Peace
Vietnam Day Committee
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
War Resisters League
Women's Peace Party
Youth International Party (Yippies)

Canadian Peace Alliance
Canadian Peace Congress
Ceasefire Canada
Nova Scotia Voice of Women
War Resisters Support Campaign

Global Peace and Justice Auckland
Peace Action Wellington
Stop the War Coalition

American Friends Service Committee
Anglican Pacifist Fellowship
Catholic Association for International Peace
Catholic Worker Movement
Christian Peace Conference
Episcopal Peace Fellowship
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Mennonite Central Committee
Methodist Peace Fellowship
Pax Christi
Pentecostal Charismatic Peace Fellowship

Buddhist Peace Fellowship