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Peace on Earth

America’s fourth President, James Madison, credited as
the father of our Constitution, warned of the grave
consequences of a standing army in the US (by definition a
permanent professional army maintained during both war and
peacetimes). At a speech delivered at the Constitutional
Convention in June 1787, Madison stated:
“A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will
not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defense
against foreign danger, have been always the instruments of
tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to
excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout
all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of
defending, have enslaved the people.”
The sentiment and wisdom uttered above more than two
and a quarter centuries ago has prophetically come home to
roost on twenty-first century America, and is regretfully
more relevant and alarmingly truer now than anytime since
1787. Way back when Madison knew from his own sense of
history the horrendous folly of a US President armed with
absolute war power secrecy to wage wars on foreign soils
under the pretense of defense that invariably create tyranny
and subsequent loss of liberty for all Americans here at
home. We the citizenry become enslaved to the master
imperialist that is both the subversive warmongering
executive branch as well as the imperialistic war machine
that in combination bring tyranny as our standing army,
currently by far the most powerful, most dangerous and most
expensive military in the entire world. US military
personnel occupy every continent a thousand times over
throughout the globe. Under the false guise of the Bush and
now Obama regimes waging perpetual war on terror, in
actuality a handful of terrorists around the world hardly
pose a real threat to us except inasmuch as American
imperialistic militarism is creating enemies that never
existed prior to 9/11. Clearly and undeniably America’s
subsequent aggressive unilateral strategy of domination
through global interventionism since 2001 has made our world
far more armed and dangerous. I refer to it as America’s
“unilateral interventionism” since 95% of the military
forces fighting multiple warfronts are American soldiers.
The term “coalition forces” that our presidents repeatedly
relish saying (as if our unilateral interventionism is
widely supported by the rest of the world) is a misleading
misnomer since so few other nations even participate
alongside us in our wars. It is high time that Americans
finally realize that the world’s biggest bully and threat
acting in our name is making our planet increasingly
unstable, polarized and far less safe for every inhabitant
on earth. The current Syrian crisis should convince us all.
In this post 9/11 era West Pointer, World War II hero
and 34th President of the US Dwight D. Eisenhower has to be
turning over in his grave over the exponentially cancerous-
spreading blight of the “enemy military complex,” as aptly
dubbed by American Empire Project co-founder Tom Eberhardt.
In 1953 early on in his two term presidency the retired
general spoke of the danger of out-of-control militarism.
“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every
rocket fired, signifies, in the final sense, a theft from
those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are
not clothed. [When a nation spends so much on warfare] it is
spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its
scientists, the hopes of its children.” Eisenhower wisely
foresaw the disastrous consequence of going overboard with
military might over taking care of our own people. While
like the Romans before us we busily stretch our standing
army to wage wars around the world, instead of Rome now
burning, it is Detroit, Cleveland and virtually every inner
city in America burning in post-apocalyptic-like ruin. Under
Eisenhower’s watch starting as Allied Supreme Commander and
then even more so during his Presidency as commander-in-
chief, Ike saw the alarming rise of the military industrial
complex he famously targeted in his presidential farewell
address on January 17th, 1961. The outgoing president
solemnly warned America about “the immense military
establishment” that had joined with “a large arms industry.”
In his eloquent words:
"In the councils of government, we must guard against the
acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or
unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential
for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will
persist. We must never let the weight [of our immense
military establishment and large arms industry] endanger our
liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing
for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can
compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and
military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and
goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”
Unfortunately our liberty as Americans has been
sacrificed, usurped and taken over completely by a
manipulated, grossly distorted perception that we need
increased security against bad people labeled terrorists
when the real enemy betraying all Americans is our very own
government. In reality the biggest threat by far to our
security comes from our own Orwellian police state. Both
Madison and Eisenhower predicted the end of our American
civil liberties with a standing army built from an evil and
corrupt enemy military complex. Tyranny suppresses free
speech and obliterates dissidence. Any voice that speaks out
against the current murderous Obama regime overtly now
stripping away America’s constitutional rights is deemed an
enemy of the state. It is time we ultimately face Madison
and Eisenhower’s dire predictions that are already our
living nightmare come true. We must fight nonviolently to
take back both our liberty and nation from the totalitarian
fascists now entrenched in control. The survival of both our
planet and us as a human species depends on it.
We as a people must demand more from our government. We
must stop the wasteful spending. We must stop the death and
carnage resulting from our longstanding disastrous foreign
policy as the self-appointed world policeman-turned-bully.
We must become outraged over our murderous foreign policies
and demand a stop to all violence, beginning literally at
home. We must stop the out-of-control violence in our males,
from the epidemic of domestic violence and spousal and child
abuse, to our nation’s epidemic of sexual assault and
battery, particularly in our military ranks where each year
it is increasing at unprecedented rates. We must think out
of the box to make different choices from the ballot box to
the boob tube box to the local box office. As consumers we
must make different choices on how we spend our money, no
longer patronizing music, films, TV shows, video games and
politicians that glorify and exploit violence, war, bigotry
and hatred. We must make different choices in virtually
every aspect of our daily lives, choices that no longer
are part of the problem that support, reinforce and
perpetuate America’s pervasive culture of violence that in
turn shape, dictate and brainwash how our young males [and
females] think and misbehave in violent, destructive ways.
We must recognize the sinister enemy military complex for
what it is, and put a stop to our gluttonous wasteful
spending that has been placing a crushing national burden on
our shaky thin economy for way too long. We must undergo an
honest self-examination and soul-searching from within, both
as individuals and as a culture and nation. We must change
our fundamental values, recognizing that the exploitation,
violence, injustice, deception, greed have ruled our planet,
our behavior and our culture far too long. We must recognize
that our military might as the world’s bully is not a
strength at all. Instead we must embrace such “softer”
virtues as peace, cooperation, inclusion, tolerance,
acceptance, respect, compassion, and universal love for
every form of life as a sacred extension of ourselves. These
virtues signify actual strengths that must become our core
values that we express and apply daily in our lives. We can
do it individually and collectively as a people and thereby
set a positive example and lead for likeminded citizens and
nations around the world to join us in a planetary, grass
roots movement like this world has never seen before. The
evil empire’s militarism must end and international
collectivism must begin. We as humans have literally been
dying for it to happen for millenniums.
Gandhi’s method of nonviolence brought the British
Empire to its heels in granting his nation long awaited
independence. Martin Luther King Jr. changed history and the
cultural mindset of our nation, inspiring international
peace, acceptance and tolerance of all people as equal in
human value, respect, dignity and love. Both Gandhi and King
paid the ultimate sacrifice for their inspired leadership,
wisdom and love for humanity. Nelson Mandela sacrificed
decades of his long life in prison fighting for racial,
economic, social and political equality in South Africa,
vindicated by becoming the nation’s president and by example
sending the same inspired message of universal love and
compassion for all of us members of the same human family.
It is up to us now to firmly carry their torch to the next
level, embracing their wisdom and greatness as inspiration
to emulate their monumental deeds, and not stopping the
crusade they began toward peace and love for every human on
this earth. Let them and us not live and die in vain.
I am not envisioning a passing, flavor of the week
cause in a kumbaya-like moment or a pie-in-the-sky,
unreachable utopian ideal. With the internet arrived instant
real time communication and information at our fingertips.
The limits of what a committed group of people with one mind
and will can achieve on this planet right here and right now
are infinite. I propose we utilize every available peaceful
option within our collective power to stop the violence and
injustice dead in its tracks. Both short term and long term
goals and objectives promoting change to bring peace in the
world are necessary just as the commitment and will of many
individuals and groups in every nation are equally necessary
to make a difference. If everyone in the world (or at least
a sizeable percentage) at the same time decided to forego
spending money patronizing global corporations for even a
day or a week, we could move mountains in exercising our
unified power for change. Economic boycott is a powerful
strategy that can and will work in bringing much needed
change by significantly hurting the most valued corporate
interest of all - the almighty profit. The power of boycott
as a weapon of mass destruction could be lethal to Empire.
Look how it was so instrumental in destroying South Africa’s
Apartheid that stood out among the worst blights in racial,
political, social and economic injustice in modern history.
It’s time to collectively use that same principled power of
choice to put an end to Empire’s Apartheid on us citizens
committed to living in a war-free world. Together we can
harness the power of numbers to strike a fatal blow against
America’s corporate killing machine once and for all.
Developing, producing, distributing and consuming local
environmentally friendly products and services that are not
part of the international corporate machine and control is
the focus we can share together that can carry a snowballing
impact for global change. Promoting worker owned businesses
and cooperatives is another positive direction empowering
people to be able to take money from corporate profiteers
by placing it in the hands of local, much more deserving
worker-owners dedicated to deliver better quality products
and services. There are democratically operated worker coops
all over the world, perhaps the most famous the Mondragon in
the Basque region of Spain. Food coops where workers devote
time growing local community grown produce are increasingly
common benefiting financial independence as well as better
quality, healthier food. The US Federation of Worker
Cooperatives is a national organization that offers support
in startup businesses. Also regional organizations are
growing in number as well. A number of cities and towns
across America offer community models for prosperous small
companies asserting local independence through a worker
ownership network of cooperatives. Becoming more invested in
renewable green products and services utilizing solar and
wind power facilitates multiple dividends, obviously to the
environment as well as lost revenues from the big business 
of gas and oil utility companies that go back in our pocket.
Taking an active interest in your local community to develop
greater resources and self-sufficiency again is a prudent
investment for all of us, helping us function independent of
corporate profit. Old fashioned bartering is yet another way
individuals, businesses and groups can get their mutual
needs met operating self-sufficiently within their local
communities. All of these steps both enhance and empower our
lives and where we live.
Still another huge step toward making a difference
would be for American citizens to stop paying federal income
tax that funds the government’s fascist wars and subversive
tyranny. Since the government feeds the military, the enemy
industrial complex as well as the privatized prison
industrial complex, without our tax revenue the gluttonous
pigs will go hungry for a change. If the government no
longer is able to misuse our money, wars and prisons cannot
be waged. It may actually force the government to finally
start cracking down on all the huge corporations that
through loop holes pay little to no taxes at all. In one
fell swoop it would be one gargantuan adjustment in
redistributing wealth away from the 1% oligarchs and back
into the hands of the 99% American people. Not only would
mass refusal to pay taxes be morally, ethically and
financially justified, the fact is that there is absolutely
no federal law or authority that requires us to pay taxes.
We are a power to be reckoned with if we all simply exercise
our individual and legal power to not pay federal taxes
anymore. A number of individuals have already won in court
using as their defense the fact that no tax law exists.
Additionally, if we all stopped paying en masse on the
grounds that there is no federal law forcing us to pay
income tax, the government could never prosecute all of us.
Without our tax base, the government could not even afford
to prosecute us, much less make wars around the world.     
Another significant strategy is joining local, national
and international peace organizations (some of which are
listed in the appendix that follows) so that we commit to
setting aside a few hours a week as global peace activists.
We shall mobilize our peace movement to heights never before 
imagined. Word of mouth sharing our sense of urgency with
those we love, friends and family, informing and educating
others to join our worldwide movement for peace, one person
at a time our cause will grow stronger in power and impact.
At the same time, working hand in hand with many other
likeminded organizations from various environmentalist
groups, animal and human rights to the numerous social,
legal and economic justice groups and organizations that
aspire to the same sweeping humanitarian changes would
assuredly advance our planet and evolve our species. If we
come together as one voice and one people on this one planet
for the same purpose of creating positive change, standing
up for the greater good of all of us, with God’s help, we
can and will make enormous progress toward stopping all war,
violence, injustice, hunger, disease, in fact all maladies
on this earth. There is no stopping us from the progress of
doing what is right for all humans and life forms. 
From personal experience I know that as one individual
with a little grit and determination, I successfully changed
US history, taking on and forcing the venerable institution
of West Point to no longer operate above the law, forever
changing its unjust policies to comply with due process law.
As one individual I made all the difference in the world at
West Point. And one individual at a time, we too can come
together to make a huge, collective and lasting difference
throughout this entire world. Once we put our minds and
collective will together, committed to converting the mess
we now face into what humanity and life on earth can and
should be, we literally can and will change this world. As
unified planetary peace activists, we citizens of the world
can and will find civil, just and nonviolent means to
resolve interpersonal, national and international conflict.
The lives of our children and every generation to follow are
depending on us to win the war to end all war and violence.
We owe it to ourselves and them not to hang our heads in
fear and shame for not fighting back. We are on this planet
at this most critical, important time in history to make the
difference between life and death. And if enough of us come
together to choose life over death, then life as we know it
can be transformed forever for the better, because we made
it happen. So without further adieu or regret, let us commit
to doing what we must do to not only survive but thrive the
way God intended us to evolve, living fully, joyously and
peacefully on this earth. Together with belief, strength and
determination, people of this earth united in unbreakable
solidarity can make the difference to successfully bring
peace to this planet.   

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