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Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down


Chapter Nine (02)

The Poster Boy & His Toxic Leadership


In any event, the plot only thickened twice as thick
with the investigation of the Afghanistan War Commander,
Marine General John Allen, sending thousands of ultra-
friendly emails to the same CENTCOM groupie that jealous
Broadwell had emailed threats to, offering up yet more
entertaining plot twists to this sordid tale of debauchery.
Kind of weird, so much time on his hands that the Annapolis
grad war commander was spending more time on the internet
than fighting the war. No wonder we’re losing Afghanistan
too. While the commander is off flirting with groupies, his
troops are clueless as to their own combat mission. In the
meantime, 3277 US dead soldiers later with more casualties
every week in America’s longest running war in its history,
Americans are dying as often now from Afghan forces turning
on them as from the Taliban enemy, stuck on the losing end
of another disastrous war. We neither learn from Vietnam nor
Russia’s “Vietnam” in its decade long loss in Afghanistan.
Last November’s top brass sexual high jinks were being
played out like a very bad, albeit amusing soap opera plot.
Ah, the aphrodisiac of power. These indiscretions come
with the turf. Top politicians and generals have long been
so consumed with their own self-importance, so used to being
King Tut wherever they go, treated like royalty, living in
mansions, chefs preparing their every meal, chauffeured
everywhere. That kind of opulent, ego-stroking lifestyle for
years at a time breeds a false sense of security,
complacency, entitlement, impunity and the grossest
unaccountability... and one more example of hypocrisy and
piss poor leadership that has come to characterize all of
America’s leaders that are this nation’s powerbrokers.
Still another largely untold blemish on this man’s
checkered past is when the general was CIA Director
overseeing America’s extensive CIA operations in Libya,
fomenting rebel opposition against Kaddafi. Our longstanding
habit of hooking up with seedy elements like Al Qaeda (as
currently in Syria) to remove our onetime allied dictators
when it conveniently serves our psychopathic self-interest
came back to bite us in the ass yet one more time. After
more American-led NATO bombing decimating Libya, no sooner
had we deposed another dictator from another CIA-induced
 “Arab spring” regime-change than the same Al Qaeda enemy
Obama was funding and backing in Libya turned on America
killing our Ambassador and three other Americans. Where do
you think our intelligence chief was when our Ambassador
was frantically begging for more security months prior to
the attack? Was our King David sleeping on the job or still
“All In” bed with Paula Broadwell? That’s what scandal
consuming, inquiring minds would want to know. 
Petraeus participated in a massive Benghazi cover-up of
our arms smuggling to Syria with co-conspirators Secretary
of State Hillary and Barack Obama. Three days after the
Benghazi attack fresh off his secret fact-finding trip to
Libya, Petraeus followed Presidential orders mouthing the 
same lie Susan Rice used, claiming that the anti-Moslem
video was the cause. This comes two days after his own CIA
bureau chief on the ground in Libya while Petraeus was still
there stated, “It was a terrorist attack.” When he testified
not under oath before Congress in mid-November, Petraeus
retracted his earlier explanation insisting all along he had
maintained the attack was the result of Al Qaeda affiliated
terrorists. Even his buddy House Homeland Security Committee
Chairman Peter King refuted Petraeus’ earlier contention
when Petraeus insisted he’d consistently said it was another
terrorist attack.  Preplanned timing purposely waited until 
after the election to expose his extramarital affair and
subsequent CIA resignation, and that provided the convenient
cover to delay his already scheduled Congressional testimony
over Benghazi a week. The damage control timeline of these
events was meticulously planned and orchestrated in order to
effectively escape Petraeus’ doubled-troubled hot seat
percolating over both his adultery scandal and his part in
the Benghazi cover-up scandal. With Hillary and Obama at the
helm, as the boss overseeing all CIA activities of his
thirty five operatives working in Benghazi, Petraeus was
also in deep in the Libya-to-Syria arms smuggling operation
when the same Al Qaeda terrorists Petraeus and his CIA had
been using all along to overthrow Kaddafi and ship arms to
Syria suddenly murdered our Ambassador, embassy information
officer and two of Petraeus’ own CIA agents. Yet the urgent
requests for security at the embassy compound prior to the
attack and during the attack all were ignored by Obama,
Clinton and Petraeus, leaving the Iraq War hero’s leadership
all but absent in the Benghazi affair. As a result, the
general has the blood of four more dead Americans staining
his already blood soaked hands. But then surge man’s got to
be used to sustaining friendly collateral damage, kind of
like Paula must have been to his rocky marriage.
As a compensatory hush money bribe for keeping his
mouth shut through the cover-up, Obama suddenly rewarded the
victim of his marital betrayal wife Holly Petraeus a cushy
$187,500 a year salary working at the newly formed Consumer
Financial Protection Bureau. Though she had been working in
the area of military family finances, Obama’s timing a mere
week after her husband resigns in disgrace as CIA Director
deeply amidst the Benghazi cover-up offering her a brand new
position in a brand new federal program with such a lavishly
generous financial compensation is bound to attract some
suspicion. And with hubby’s $200,000 a year military pension
already coming in, the Petraeus household cannot be short on
funds. But wait, David Petraeus has never been much of a
stay at home couch potato kind of guy, so to preoccupy all
his sudden free time, he is already coming up with new ways
to supplement the near half mil Petraeus household income.
As a postscript to the general’s rapid fall from grace,
a mini-scandal erupted earlier this year over mishandling of
his next job as the ex-darling eagerly embarks on a comeback
trail from total public humiliation. The City University of
New York (CUNY), a college known for providing higher
education to diverse students from modest socioeconomic
backgrounds with mostly immigrant parents, offered the sweet
deal of two hundred thou a year salary so golden hair can
traipse onto campus three hours a week and generously bestow
the wisdom of his unscrupulously underserved fame. After an
online website got a hold of this mockery and announced it
to the world, two hours later the CUNY dean posted a fake
dated announcement that the salary was actually $150,000
part of which would be donated by King David to veterans he
messed up in the two wars he lost. The public scandal was
already underway as the CUNY dean kept posting later damage
control versions of a supposed letter dated originally back
on April 23rd. But it was already too late, the hypocrisy
and fake attempt at transparency had already been exposed,
tarnishing an already tarnished image of a general caught
scrambling and floundering his way back into the public
spotlight. And of course this PR from hell did little for
CUNY’s reputation either. So in their best damage control
mutual interests it was decided that the final salary of the
infamous visiting professor would be just $1 to show it was
never about the money, only about the kids. The sorry saga
of the fallen general continues... stay tuned for more
follies as the emperor continues trying on his new clothes.
The infamously brilliant general has also become a
highly sought after bi-coastal commuting professor at USC.
And then in his spare time golden boy is currently chairman
of the global institute division of the major player New
York investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company.
So our go-getter will busily be raking in millions of
dollars his very first year employed in the private
sector... once again another example of being rewarded for a
not so honorable life. That said, not exactly the highly
prestigious job of Princeton University president he had
been eyeing while still the CIA kingpin. After all, retired
General Eisenhower’s very first civilian job was the
president of Columbia University. And King David was lusting
for the same legendary pathway that would soon enough propel
him to the US presidential throne as well. For years the
sycophantic press and his ass kissing yes crowd around him
had been feeding his delusions of grandeur on a daily basis.
The sad part is they weren’t really delusions at all.
Petraeus very well might have ended up Obama’s successor. Of
course Hillary would have something to say about that. Her
amorally blind ambition would never let the general stand in 
her way, just as a death of an ambassador won’t. Who knows?
Perhaps she’s the shadowy central figure behind his demise.
After all, she and Bill had weathered the exact same storm.
And she emerged stronger than ever as the stand-by-your-man
martyr, reemerging in the driver seat in the Obama regime.
But our golden boy may not be so lucky.
Petraeus’ penchant for outsourcing CIA to private
paramilitary subcontractors similar to how our military now
has been largely replaced by the multitude of paramilitary
mercenary-type civilian contractors may also have lots to do
with his downfall. By March 2011 more Americans are employed
by private civilian contractors like KBR, Blackwater and
DynCorp (155,000) in Iraq and Afghanistan than Americans
serving in military uniform (145,000). By March 2010 over
27,000 armed private security contractors were in Iraq and
Afghanistan. Under the radar this last decade they have
propagated to change how the US fights its wars. Because
civilian contractors make five to ten times more money than
our soldiers, resentment and conflict are a natural outcome.
Complete lack of transparency and accountability have led to
wasteful misappropriation of taxpayer dollars as well as
mercenary war crime atrocities - an all too familiar theme
with both our military but especially civilian Department of
Defense contractors, Blackwater the most notorious of all.
General Petraeus’ all too cozy relationship with these shady
defense contractors has been a growing concern from critics
both inside and outside the government. We can in large part
thank King David for the myriad of problems arising from
blurred roles and boundaries as well as lack of oversight.
After Betray-us Petraeus was such an instrumental
proponent in transforming our military through outsourcing,
he began arrogantly doing the same thing to the CIA and
quickly made enemies. Perhaps that’s why he did not last.
Though a war criminal many times over during his 37-year
military career, technically Petraeus never violated any
criminal laws indulging in an extramarital affair. While a
general in Afghanistan his staff around him were well aware
of his extracurricular activities with Broadwell. And then
prior to his even being nominated and Senate approved to
take over the CIA, no doubt Petraeus underwent a thorough
and comprehensive background check that should have caused
his affair to surface. And had it, Obama would never have
selected him as CIA Director. From February 2012 on when the
FBI was busily intercepting all his mail and gathering his
dirty laundry as both general and CIA chief, it seems
impossible for the FBI Director who meets weekly with Obama
to either be kept in the dark or keep Obama in the dark. So
it was not his affair that actually did him in. It was more
likely the growing army of CIA personnel that the pompous
general had alienated. Outsourcing their work to privatized
paramilitary contractors most likely did him in, causing CIA
with the CENTCOM groupie to tip off rival FBI to look closer
at his personal affairs. In any event, fortunately for us,
Petraeus will never become the third West Pointer to reach
the White House. But as America’s most famous living
general, as the shrewd opportunist he is, King David is
nonetheless cashing in on his fame, or more fittingly his
infamy, earning millions with cushy creampuff university
jobs and as a high profile figurehead to an investment firm.
Last September 2013 when the most famous living
American general began trying to resurrect his tarnished
reputation and career starting off as the dollar per semester
visiting professor at CUNY, he got off to a big bang with his student
reception party. Scores of loud and boisterous protestors from the
City University largely comprised of young people from immigrant
working families ambushed King David as he finished his first class lecture.
While Petraeus was walking back to his car, they hurled insults,
calling him “war criminal,” “mass murderer” and “imperialist” in their contempt
of not wanting him at their school.
Last fall the students were merely reacting to what they saw
as the rising militarism rearing its ugly head all around them.
In the wake of their rising tuition costs, they did not like that their university
had originally hired Petraeus for $200,000 to teach a once a
week class for a couple hours, and that one of their academic
buildings on campus was suddenly having its name changed to
Colin Powell Hall after the retired general and Bush Secretary of State.
Plus, adding insult to injury, for the first time in forty-two years,
an ROTC program was suddenly back on their campus at CUNY,
which was viewed by many students as a too obvious ploy to recruit
future military officers by tapping the largely minority student population
at their school. A sizeable portion of both the CUNY students and
CUNY professors justifiably felt their university was being invaded
and taken over by the sprawling clutches of the military industrial complex.
Their hostile, “you’re not welcome here” reception to their newest guest
professor was an overt attempt in self-defense to go on the offense
to take back their school.
Since the general evoked such a vehement reaction from the young
college students accusing him of being a “war criminal” and “mass murderer,”
a brief overview of the general’s war record in both
the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars seems in order here...
if for no other reason than to assess whether he should be tried
on grounds of committing war crimes against humanity.
He was Division Commander of the 101st Airborne at the time of the
March 2003 invasion of Iraq and was responsible for counterinsurgency
in and around the area of Mosul. In 2004 until Colonel Westhusing’s
probable murder in June 2005, Petraeus was assigned the task of
training and equipping Iraqi security forces.
This duty entailed being in charge of that same contractor USIS
that illegally participated in not only Westhusing’s untimely death
but various combat patrols killing Iraqi citizens and Shiite death squads
that murdered and tortured thousands of Sunnis igniting
the sectarian civil war still raging in that war torn nation today.
At its height, those Iraqi death squads Petraeus trained were killing
3,000 victims a month. And it was during this tour that
the general worked directly with Colonel Steele who was sent to Iraq
by the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld trio as the seasoned expert
on training and implementing death squad commando
units in El Salvador, then executing the same task in Iraq.
In 2007 at the behest of President Bush, King David launched
the infamous surge in Iraq that created his hero worship and rock star image.
In 2008 this time at the behest of President Obama, the surge man
was at it again, this time at the other warfront in Afghanistan.
Under Obama Petraeus took over Central Command leading
the war on terror on both warfronts that included over twenty countries
throughout the Middle East and Central Asia right up until he
left the Army to become CIA Director in August 2011.
General Petraeus commanded US war efforts the better part of the first decade
of the twenty-first century. During that time his record shows complicity
at the very least in the commission of numerous war crimes that
included unprovoked destruction of Iraqi and Afghan cities and villages,
inflicting unjustified devastation and ill-treatment of civilian populations,
failing to protect them in both occupied nations as well as the willful
plundering of their public and private property.
He also was responsible for the operation of torture prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan
as well as illicit and immoral missile attacks on innocent civilian populations
in nations the US was not at war with in both Pakistan and Yemen.
Then as CIA chief, he dramatically stepped up the US use of drone warfare
in multiple countries that killed hundreds of innocent civilian victims.
All of these acts clearly constitute war crimes under Geneva convention
rules and international laws. Thus, those CUNY students were
fully justified in accurately calling David Petraeus
a “war criminal” and “mass murderer.”
With that incident of students hurling insults chasing down the silent,
eyes-straight-ahead, briefcase holding war criminal in retreat,
captured and placed on youtube for all the world to see,
on the following Monday in September when the general wa
due back on campus, even more protestors were showing up assembling on the sidewalk.
But this time a large NYPD contingent abruptly blocked their movement
and pushed the students off the sidewalk and into the street.
Pandemonium quickly broke out when the police began brutally
beating the peaceful protestors with batons, unlawfully arresting
and taking away five students in handcuffs.
This over-the-top aggression also captured on tape was clearly
a show of force geared to demonstrate what happens to college kids
daring to exercise their first amendment right to peaceful assembly
in twenty-first century America. King David representing the
oligarchs undoubtedly had felt highly vulnerable the week before and,
used to exercising his imperialistic right to ruthlessly
kill defenseless people who dare get in his way, this time was ready
and waiting for the protestors, unleashing the notoriously militarized NYPD
on the offense, to mop up the growing forces resisting his presence on campus.
And because this overt display of violent oppression was again all over youtube,
to avoid becoming a weekly public spectacle broadcast over the worldwide web,
the following week suddenly the professor’s class was tactically changed,
quietly relocated to a different building on campus, one with an underground
parking lot so Petraeus could forego any more face-to-face discomfort
while bypassing his mounting opposition forces.
The public outcry movement to “out” the war criminal was replicated
even at the pricey private USC where the fallen general attempted
his second professorship comeback, this time with the additional
duty as the student veterans and ROTC advisor. But because the USC
students and student veterans in particular similarly followed suit in protest,
the big scheduled veterans event coming-out-party had to be discreetly cancelled.
Clearly there is a growing backlash with the American public recognizing
Petraeus as the bona fide war criminal he is, and that his reinventing
himself as the once war hero darling amongst mainstream media
and the DC crowd sycophantically fawning all over him was
not going to be so easy. And this time his continuing freefall from
grace has nothing to do with his extramarital affair but everything
to do with his genocidal war crimes against humanity, his true rightfully
deserved legacy. Oh and by the way, King David’s seminars at CUNY,
USC and now even Harvard (the latest school to hire him) is to
spread oligarch agenda propaganda that fracking and the Keystone Pipeline
are our economic salvation - his course title, “Are We on the
Threshold of the North American Decade?” Once a whore for
the military industrial complex as a war criminal, always a whore
for the military industrial complex as the oil-for-war lifer he is.
As a postscript to the Petraeus-Broadwell debacle,
despite the fact that a standing Commander-in-Chief can get
away with an extramarital affair (a la the Clinton-Lewinsky
White House scandal a few years earlier), the current United
States Code of Military Justice (USCMJ) still holds adultery
as a contemptible, serious punishable offense. Disgraced
officers and enlisted men alike convicted of adultery
customarily get demoted a rank and are forced to resign at
their lower rank and pension rate. Yet despite Petraeus and
Broadwell’s boldface lies that they were not having sex
while Petraeus was still the Afghan War commander and Paula
was writing his “All In,” everyone around King David at the
time knew his so called biographer was performing double
duty as his servicing concubine. The general and the Army
Reserve major’s marital betrayals became accepted common
knowledge, both then by insiders and ever since their story
broke the day after Obama’s reelection by the rest of us.
Yet the general never had a star taken away and to this day
enjoys his $200,000 a year pension as a retired four star
general in “good” standing. Army regulations clearly specify
“an officer must serve satisfactorily in grade to hold that
rank” upon retirement to retain full benefits. Could that
newly formed, near 200 thou per year cushy federal job
offered Petraeus’ wife right after the election and the
general’s preferential treatment to allow his adultery to go
unpunished be White House hush money for Petraeus keeping
his mouth shut over their Benghazi cover-up? Knowing how
sullied Washington operates, seems like a safe bet.
Meanwhile, the only consequence to Broadwell’s military
career is that her promotion to lieutenant colonel that went
into effect in August 2012 was revoked in early 2013 along
with her top security clearance. However, the 1995 West
Point grad apparently to this day still retains her rank of
major in the Army Reserves when she should have been busted
down to captain and tossed out. Friends in high places still
According to the USCMJ, the consequences of committing
adultery depend on the particular circumstances that
determine if the adultery is “prejudicial to good order and
discipline, or of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed
forces.” This interpretation conveniently offers the
loophole leeway for both arbitrary enforcement and arbitrary
punishment. Bottom line, a completely different double
standard exists for junior officers and enlisted men guilty
of adultery when they are demoted a rank and subject to
court-martial with a less than honorable discharge without
pension. Meanwhile others like Petraeus and Broadwell are
given relative free passes - just more evidence that the
flawed military system of arbitrarily enforced rules and
political favoritism is again both broken and morally
When former 82nd Airborne Fort Bragg Deputy Commander
Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair facing charges of sodomy
for committing the exact same crime of adultery with his
Army captain mistress receives a court martial and years in
prison, the glaring hypocrisy and injustice of differential
treatment between those favored and those not make all the
more a mockery of the entire corrupt military justice
system. Though his near three year sexual relationship had
been consensual, his angry, jealous subordinate officer
mistress later claimed Sinclair forced her to perform oral
sex, hence the sudden assault and sodomy charges. In the
military rush to show the world how it is albeit belatedly
taking sex crimes more seriously now, General Sinclair is
being used to set a harsh example of what happens to men in
uniform who victimize women today. It is extremely rare for
a general to undergo a court martial, especially over sexual
misconduct. Prior to Sinclair, in the last half century only
two generals have had court martials. Another co-existing
explanation is that the general must have really pissed off
someone in power to have the Army go after him with such
unprecedented vengeance. Perhaps it was Obama’s command
influence in his public outcry for “heads to roll.” In any
event, by military law the jury must consist of members of a
higher rank, in this case generals with two or more stars,
will be difficult to find since the high end club already
knows too much about each other. If they try and bring
Sinclair down, you better believe Sinclair will do
everything in his power to spill the beans on top brass and
bring as many of them down with him.
MilitaryCorruption.com believes General Sinclair is
being unfairly singled out because he is “not a member of
the West Point grad protection society.” Perhaps there is
merit to that rather valid claim. West Point ring knockers
are notorious for protecting those in their own club, not
unlike the Skull and Bones and Freemasons.
MilitaryCorruption.com is an internet website that as a
moral watchdog focuses on reporting any and all less than
honorable behavior displayed by our military personnel in
the armed forces, and takes added glee in exposing the
scores of grads-gone-bad from the three major service
academies. Like me, the vets behind this information outlet
loathe the blatant hypocrisy and injustice, and thus are
quick to point out the double standard, the dirty politics
and corruption that is so rampant and pervasive at the top.
But the website also covers the more heinous crimes
committed by the military, from first degree murder to
embezzling to pedophilia to smuggling child pornography to
pimping your own kids to make kiddy porn. I am amazed that
so many from the sacred ranks of the Long Gray Line are
turning out to be the worst kind of derelicts and perverts
lurking amongst us... a real hall of shame on today’s “best
and brightest” “cream of the crop” as Academy cadets are
constantly touted ad nauseum. And it gives us pause that no
matter how smart and promising these people at one time are
and were, their descent into such lowlife degradation and
depravity reflects poorly not just on West Point, Annapolis
or the military, but our society as a whole. I have
purposely chosen not to focus on the lowest and sickest
amongst my fellow grads but rather hone in on the
sociopathic prototype that rises to the very heights of
power and the heinous crimes against all of humanity they
are constantly perpetrating in the name of Empire on the
entire planet. I present a critical systemic examination if
you will.
Again, the transparent hypocrisy of the General
Sinclair case belies the investigation cover-up surrounding
the relationship between Afghan War commander Marine General
John Allen and Florida CENTCOM groupie Jill Kelley, the
Tampa socialite that overly jealous and catty Broadwell
threatened in emails. Rather than becoming supreme commander
of NATO he was slated for, the ‘76 Annapolis grad general
slipped quietly out the backdoor to retirement with no
improprieties or misconduct ever officially reported,
despite the alleged exchange of, get this, 20,000 personal
emails between them while Allen was busily losing America’s
latest counterinsurgency war. According to records, the
Pentagon Inspector General allowed the Marine commander to
refuse cooperating with the investigation, never even
bothering to subpoena him, acting as further evidence of
another clear-cut whitewash on the heels of the Petraeus
scandal. Though Allen cited his wife’s failing health, the
primary cause of his forced retirement was the poor judgment
behind all those thousands of flirtatious email messages.
Like his philandering buddy David Petraeus, he got off easy
with full retirement pay. So with the exception of the high
profile Sinclair case, it continues to be business as usual
in the military with “different spanks for different ranks.”
Speaking of another David illustrating the different
spanks for different ranks MO, another member of my West
Point graduating Class of ‘73 happened to be the sitting
West Point Superintendent until last July. Seems that
Lieutenant General David Huntoon was also engaging in a high
profile extramarital affair with a prominent civilian woman
on the West Point campus. Though his adultery as the head
honcho of where America’s future officers are educated
clearly qualifies as prejudicial to good order and discipline
f all West Point cadets and officers alike, and at the
granddaddy of all academies is of colossal nature in
bringing discredit upon the entire armed forces, his quiet
dignified resignation last July had to be a major
embarrassment to both West Point and the Army - yet another
flag officer crawling in disgrace under the nearest rock.
But like the other King David, he too never lost any of his
stars, collecting his hefty retirement pension fully intact
despite his serving less than satisfactorily at his last 0-9
But General Huntoon’s adultery scandal was not the
first dishonor he caused. While the commanding officer at
Carlyle Barracks, he stole a commemorative handgun on loan
at Carlyle that rightfully belonged to the former aide to
General Omar Bradley, Charles Honeycutt. The great West
Point World War II hero left the gun to his aide as a token
of his gratitude toward Captain Honeycutt’s loyal service.
Yet the former aide in his elderly years had to hire a high
powered attorney at his own expense just to take on the US
Army to return the gift to its rightful and legal owner.
General Huntoon went to great lengths to willfully withhold
giving back the handgun, causing fourteen months of pure
hell for Charles and his wife. Finally after winning in
court, Mr. Honeycutt stated, “At any time, Huntoon could
have ended my ordeal. He knew I wasn’t well, and perhaps he
hoped I’d die before the case was settled. Well, he was
wrong - just as it’s wrong for the Pentagon to promote such
a mediocre and sorry excuse for an officer as him to three-
star rank.” To add insult to injury, after four years at
Carlyle making enemies there, not only was Huntoon awarded
his third star, but promoted in his next assignment to
becoming the West Point Superintendent. As they say, the
rest is history, and once a dirty rotten scoundrel, always a
dirty rotten scoundrel.
The David Huntoon’s and the David Petraeuses are sadly
the sycophantic type of leaders who invariably ends up at
the highest echelons of power in America, be it in the
military, politics, academia, legal or corporate world. And
that’s because the psychopathic system that reeks of rotten
moral decay is one and the same in all these intertwined and
twisted worlds... a world where blind ambition means selling
your soul to the devil, throwing your own mother under a bus
and kissing the ass off those in power above you. Because
those in power have played the game so zealously, simple law
of attraction has them imbuing power through promotion to
those deemed just like them. Few righteous souls with any
moral integrity, character or conscience would ever enter
this soulless world by choice because they refuse to play
the game, and refusing to play the game is tantamount to
suicide in their psychopathic world. It’s why I clashed so
much with the system and why people like Petraeus thrive so
much in it. 
David Petraeus may be the poster boy of our morally
bankrupt system gone wrong, be it West Point, the Army or
America, cranking out a trained amoral, blindly ambitious,
coldhearted, imperialistic, bureaucratic, lip-locking
politician-general for its leadership that systematically
rises to the very pinnacle of this country’s power pyramid.
And of course this case in point explains and richly
illustrates more than anything else why the state of our
world is so sadly and currently in such a heap of shit.
After using General Betray-us as the poster boy best
representing what has gone wrong at West Point and America,
I will next delineate the destructive path that the evil
triumvirate of our government, West Point Pentagon and
military industrial complex are bent on executing. The final
chapter addresses the grave consequences here at home that
all us Americans are now suffering - fascist security state
bondage at the expense of our stolen lost liberties. Finally
in the Epilogue I present a mobilizing plan of empowered
action intended to combat this morally decaying, crumbling,
globally destructive Empire from destroying us all.
And of course this case in point explains and richly
illustrates more than anything else why the state of our
world is so sadly and currently in such a heap of shit.
After using General Betray-us as the poster boy best
representing what has gone wrong at West Point and America,
I will next delineate the destructive path that the evil
triumvirate of our government, West Point Pentagon and
military industrial complex are bent on executing. The final
chapter addresses the grave consequences here at home that
all us Americans are now suffering - fascist security state
bondage at the expense of our stolen lost liberties. Finally
in the Epilogue I present a mobilizing plan of empowered
action intended to combat this morally decaying, crumbling,
globally destructive Empire from destroying us all.

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