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Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down


Chapter Eleven (02)

Lost Liberty for Police State Security


By his actions this year President Obama has declared
war on anyone courageous enough to tell the truth about his
administration’s misuse of power in the name of security.
The obvious question becomes whose security? Certainly not
ours the public. If you dare disagree or speak out against
this tyranny, you risk your life and freedom. Everything
currently in America is inversely juxtaposed from the way it
morally should be. Look at Nobel Peace Prize nominee Private
Bradley Manning’s fate - thirty five years in prison for
exposing America’s war crimes against humanity in Iraq and
Afghanistan. More recently NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden
is now a fugitive on the run for disclosing how Big Brother
is violating our privacy as never before. Labeled criminals
by the true criminals - agents of our government - these
valiant truth tellers are being excessively punished for
their bravery, honesty and true patriotism. They have our
government exposed and on the defensive, thus Obama and
company are out to hang them in a ruthless effort to set an
example of what happens to those brave enough souls who in
good conscience are willing to tell the truth about the
government’s murderous web of deceit and lies.
In the several months since 33-year old investigative
journalist Michael Hastings was most likely murdered on June
18th, it has become increasingly clearer that he was not a
victim of just another freak car accident. Weeks earlier the
Obama regime had declared open war on free journalism with
aggressive surveillance and punitive retribution on AP
reporters, even selected corporate media news reporters, and
clearly those willing to reveal potentially damaging or
threatening information about our government’s tyranny.
Hastings had a very high profile history since the June 2010
Rolling Stone article featuring Afghan War commander General
McChrystal and his staff’s harsh critique of their
Commander-in-Chief, subsequently resulting in McChrystal’s 
forced resignation. Hastings also wrote an unflattering
article about General David Petraeus in the February 2011
Rolling Stone indicating “King David’s” losing proposition
for turning the war in Afghanistan around with his surge.
The very day he died, Hastings contacted friends and
associates to report that he was under an FBI investigation,
that he feared his car had been tampered with, and was about
to release a major bombshell of a news story involving
covert operations deployed by US intelligence agencies,
specifically targeting current CIA Director John Brennan.
The UK’s Daily Mirror published an August 15, 2013 article
stating the CIA contractor Stratfor’s president claimed
that Brennan was on a “witch hunt” for investigative
journalists... sounds a lot like his boss. Also a friend of
the journalist came forth with the statement that Hastings
had asked her if he could borrow her car the day he died
sharing his concern that his car had been tampered with.
His recent Mercedes Benz model had more than likely
been cyber-hacked. Research scientists at the University of
Washington and UC San Diego two years ago released findings
indicating how electronic systems in modern cars can easily
be hacked and its functions remotely controlled, further
corroborated by the government’s own reputable Defense
Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Even ex-CIA
counter-terrorism expert under Clinton and Bush Richard
Clarke alludes to the possibility that the car explosion and
expulsion of the engine 100 feet from the vehicle is
consistent with cyber-hacking. That along with eyewitness
accounts of a fiery explosion prior to the car hitting the
tree all raise serious questions that foul play may well
have caused the death of the bold young journalist who
undauntedly vowed to expose shady truth no matter the risk.
Michael Hastings’ uncompromising integrity and defiance to
seek the truth no matter what most likely cost him his life.
While Obama is going after anyone bold enough to
confront the lies of tyranny and oppression, he also has
designs of turning groups like the Boy Scouts of America and
AmeriCorps into an enormous civilian national security force
to work alongside the government and military as their
junior contingent. It’s all eerily reminiscent of the Nazi
youth groups. Also doing its part in tightening the noose
around our neck is the US Census Bureau. For the first time
during the most recent 2010 census, workers used GPS to
identify and track any persons they encountered who failed
to cooperate in refusing to fill out and submit required
information. Those who resist are now violating federal law
and are subject to a $5000 fine.
At the time of the so called 9/11 terrorist attack,
West Point was just teaching that same elective course I
took thirty years earlier on counterinsurgency. Thus to
quickly fill the obvious void, private funding established
the Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) at the US Military
Academy a mere year and a half later. The biggest financial
contributor establishing the CTC was 1977 West Point grad
Vincent Viola, former Chairman of the New York Mercantile
Exchange, current owner of one of the largest electronic
trading firms Vitro and owner of last year’s NHL Stanley Cup
finalist, the Florida Panthers. Another major CTC financier
was Annapolis graduate, former third party presidential
candidate and multi-billionaire Ross Perot. My West Point
roommate and Council on Foreign Relations member General
Abizaid currently sits as the CDC’s Distinguished Chair.
Though a private think tank for the US military, West
Point’s Combating Terrorism Center is part of the Academy’s
Department of Social Sciences providing instruction to
cadets as well as compiling research and issuing reports on
its findings.
The latest research report entitled “Challengers from
the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right”
was published in January 2013. According to Wikipedia, it
“provides a conceptual foundation for understanding
different far-right groups and then presents empirical
analysis of violent incidents to identify those perpetrating
attacks and their associated trends.” In actuality the study
seeks to brainwash America’s future leaders into believing
that any and all US citizens who value and espouse lesser
government interference in their lives, who oppose Big
Brother totalitarianism and who support the US Constitution
guaranteeing individual rights to privacy, due process,
civil liberties and freedom are the real enemy of the state.
The 148-page report warns military personnel to be on the
lookout for those individuals calling themselves the true
patriots standing up to the federal government’s oppression
and tyranny. The research study’s author, Arie Perliger is
an assistant professor in West Point’s Social Sciences
Department and the Director of Terrorism Studies at the
Combating Terrorism Center. Like the CDC’s Chair Abizaid,
Perliger is also a current member of the Council on Foreign
Relations as well as the American Israel Public Affairs
Committee and former instructor at Jerusalem’s Hebrew
The pro-Israel lobby and power in America and its
foreign policy looms so large that critics contend the
American government is but a puppet of Israel. The apartheid
Israeli government’s subjugation and oppression of the
Palestinians and the tacit approval by the US government has
long been a barrier to peace and stability in the Middle
East. Much has also been written of both the American
banking and entertainment industries being controlled nearly
exclusively by prominent Jewish Americans. Though some may
be fueled by underlying anti-Semitic bias, that said, there
exists overwhelming concrete evidence substantiating the
Israeli-Jewish connections’ inordinate amount of power.
Perliger in his key position is but one anecdotal example.
Speaking of the disproportionate power base of the Israeli-
Jewish connection, it is worth mentioning the disclaimer
that I am in no way singling out all Israeli citizens or all
Jewish people. Just as it is of paramount importance to
distinguish between the American government and American
citizens, the exact same principle applies.
In any event, in one broad stroke Perliger appears to
lump American constitutionalists, freedom lovers,
libertarians, progressive and left wing political activists
and all government dissidents in with numerous ultra-
conservative, violent far-right groups, declaring all these
citizens on both the left and right along with their A-Z
group affiliations serious threats to US national security.
In Perliger’s own words, he casts dispersions on those who
“espouse strong convictions regarding the federal
government, believing it to be corrupt and tyrannical, with
a natural tendency to intrude on individuals’ civil and
constitutional rights.” He even targets groups “driven by a
strong conviction that the American political system and its
proxies have been hijacked by external forces interested in
promoting a New World Order.” In other words, anyone with
awareness of what’s really going on in America and is highly
concerned with these extremely disturbing developments since
9/11, is now on the government’s shit list, or more aptly
put hit list. Perliger conveniently groups together all
people critical of the federal government, both those
leaning toward the left and the right. In this way he kills
two birds with one stone, demonizing both those progressives
critical of the government as well as all those so called
fringe elements and organizations singled out during the
1990’s as potential homegrown terrorists - right wing
extremists classified as anti-federalists, tea-partiers,
fundamentalist Christians, survivalists, gun-rights
advocates, pro-lifers and those who oppose high taxation.
When America’s Combating Terrorism Center’s research
director and card-carrying CFR member, considered the
foremost expert on terrorism, emphatically declares anyone
critical of the US federal government and its fascist agenda
for increased police state security as enemies of the state,
we are all in deep shit. The transparency of Perliger’s
tactical move to link all government dissidents and
political activists with violent far-right extremist groups
is resorting to the age old slanderous ploy invoking guilt
by association. This old divide and conquer strategy is
designed to turn American citizen against American citizen,
pro-constitutionalists vs. anti-constitutionalists,
socioeconomic class against socioeconomic class and race
against race. As Bush alluded to in post 9/11 era, “You’re
either with us or against us.” To have such dangerous,
derisive, and toxic black and white thinking coming from
someone in such powerful position to influence and mold the
minds of America’s future leaders at West Point is but one
more alarming sign of the times. President Obama and his
power crew have been methodically prepping America for
martial law and the hard times ahead by splitting the
American populace into two opposing camps, the pro-
government tyranny camp and the anti-government individual
freedom camp. Constitutional law professor and former dean
of the Regent University School of Law Herbert W. Titus has
accused, “Perliger is not a serious scholar, but a
propagandist for the existing regime.”
Thus, today Homeland Security and NSA abuse have become
so blatant and out of control with their unconstitutional
violations, now systematically spying on every aspect and
activity of our daily lives, scrutinizing and analyzing our
every move that includes tracking all internet activity, all
emails, all online instant message conversations, all filed
documents, all website visits and contacts, as well as all
personal phone calls, all text messages, and all postal
snail mail correspondence. In fact every personal aspect and
private domain in every single American’s life are no longer
personal and private at all, but compiled and stored data to
be analyzed in one centralized location in some enormous Big
Brother security complex in Utah. We as a people are so
closely monitored and controlled that anyone who dare speak
out against this unprecedented, insanely illegal, government
created Orwellian nightmare of tyranny and fascism is
immediately placed on a watch list for even closer
surveillance and control, and moved to the top of the list
to be rounded up under martial law and involuntarily
imprisoned forever in FEMA concentration camps without any
legal rights, representation or court access.
Fresh from the December 2nd Denver newspaper
headlines comes the story of now ex-Air Force Academy
cadet Eric Thomas. It indicates how everything I’ve
addressed in both my presentation of West Point
as well as the state of the United States security state
has come to ominous fruition.
Eric Thomas was a dedicated cadet doing well
at the Academy until he attended an off campus party
during his sophomore year. He was approached by
a member of the Office of Special Investigations (OSI),
a law enforcement branch of the Air Force.
The Army employs the Criminal Investigation Division (CID)
as its equivalent. Apparently in the wake of repeated sexual
assaults and drug use at the Air Force Academy in recent years.
OSI has played an active role using cadets
as informants to infiltrate cliques and circles of fellow cadets
gone bad who are giving the Academy a bad name in its tarnished image.
So like pretty much any normal college kid his age,
Eric Thomas made the mistake of getting caught attending an off campus
party where drugs and alcohol were served. Dangling the carrot stick of a lesser
punishment, the OSI quickly moved into recruit Eric for their undercover operations
to “rid the bad seeds” from the crème de la crème student body of another
honored and revered US service academy.
At first Eric enjoyed the excitement and intrigue of playing spy for the government,
and he managed to finagle his way into the inner circle of the bad boys
club at the Academy. His efforts proved lucrative for OSI in busting a number
of cadets for such seriousoffenses as drug dealing and drug use as well as
sexual assaults.
OSI encouraged him to continue infiltrating and reporting back to them
his illicit findings for the next couple years, all under total secrecy
from both fellow cadets and officers alike at the Academy.
Of course every cadet at the major service academies must take an
oath of honor to obey the venerable cadet honor code - thou shall not lie,
cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do.
Despite constant reassurances that OSI would have his back
should he get into trouble working on behalf of their investigations,
when push came to shove, all OSI agents disappeared suddenly when
cadet Thomas was cited for an alleged honor code violation. He was subsequently
dismissed from the Academy with just a year left before graduation…
sounds familiar. Eric Thomas has since contacted his South Dakota Congressman
as well as the press to challenge the Academy system that entrapped him
in a Catch-22 situation where he was unfairly removed from
the Academy and deprived of an opportunity to graduate and serve his nation
as an Air Force officer. Up until getting entangled in OSI’s
covert operations that pushed him under the bus, cadet Eric Thomas
was a cadet in good standing who
showed both strong character and promise as a leader.
The Denver Post sought the newly appointed first female Superintendent
for comment but she chose not to respond. Other officers when questioned
claim they had no knowledge of any OSI presence at the Academy.
In fact nearly all the cadets at the Academy were also unaware of an
informant system that has been in place for years.
Lack of trust and betrayal are the result that severely undermine all
the lofty ideals supposedly being taught but rarely practiced at
the Academy. As an aftermath of Thomas’ case being
brought to light, a dark cloud has descended over the
Air Force Academy bringing a culture of secrecy,
subterfuge and suspicion that is a cancer on the
development of trust, cohesion and morale in our
future leaders of America.
And of course if this is occurring at the Air Force Academy,
it most definitely has also afflicted West Point
and Annapolis as well.
The Denver Post estimates that about forty OSI cadet
informants have been regularly ratting out their peers
over recent years. Despite several perpetrators of
sexual assaults being brought to justice due to cadet informants,
in the end, the advantages of having OSI’s presence at the
Academy do not justify its demoralizing
disadvantages and far reaching negative consequences.
I cite this current case as a microcosm of the macrocosm because
right now in America a parallel process is unfolding nationally where
one in four Americans are in some way connected to either Homeland Security
or the Department of Defense. Citizen turning in fellow citizen is fast becoming the
norm in this post 9/11 police state where a growing climate of fear, disinformation
and propaganda not unlike prewar Nazi Germany rule.
Obama’s crusade to amass an enormous “civil defense” corps amongst
the American population that remains loyal to the tyrannical
and sinister government abuses is but a case in point of
what is happening here in America right under our noses.
And with an estimated eight million Americans already on an
ever-expanding dissident watch list, the FEMA
roundups of all dissidents and political activists is pre-eminent.
House to house searches and detainments conducted by active duty
military personnel that we think can only happen in places
like Africa or the Middle East in direct violation
of the Posse Comitatis Act is coming frightfully to a neighborhood near
you sooner than you think or imagine.
Like the prophetic 1976 Paddy Chayefsky film
“Network” sounds the alarm,
it’s time to be “mad as hell and we’re not going to
take it anymore” if we as a people are ever to
“don’t let the bastards get us down.”
Sadly I must say I am no longer proud to be an
American. I am both alarmed and outraged over how our
government has betrayed us all, resorting to the same
totalitarian tactics of human rights abuse toward its
citizens that Obama hypocritically accuses of Russia and
China. America has tragically regressed into another pre-
World War II Nazi Germany. With Americans the last to know,
for years much of the rest of the world as victims of
our criminal aggression and oppression has viewed the US as
global empire public enemy number one. It thoroughly sickens
me to realize how this country I grew up loving, willing to
at one time die for, and still very much love, has morphed
and degenerated into the world’s most villainous “bad guy,”
enslaving us who love our nation in police state bondage.
How could our own government betray America and its own
people?  Stay tuned...

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