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Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down


Chapter Ten (03)

American Empire - Enemy of The World

Overwhelming evidence indicates 
both Obama and Clinton were engaged in a highly covert arms
smuggling operation moving weapons from Libya through Turkey
to the anti-Assad rebels in Syria. On August 2nd, 2013, three
full weeks prior to the sarin gas attack, UK’s Telegraph
reporter Damien McElroy wrote an article asserting that
Obama and Hillary are guilty as charged, engaging in a gun-
running operation that included surface to air missiles and
even chemical weapons speculating a “false flag operation,”
the deceptive ploy to make fake claims against Assad. Again,
this article came out three weeks before Obama was accusing
Assad of using chemical weapons. No coincidence in the
timing. And those 35 CIA agents, word is out that every
month they are required to undergo polygraph tests just to
ensure they keep quiet. One insider told CNN, “You
jeopardize your family as well if you talk to anyone about
what happened.” Then to cap it off, the whitewashed report
just released by the Accountability Review Board led by
Hillary’s buddies Ambassador Pickering and former Joint
Chief Admiral Mullens decided from the outset that it would
not be necessary to interview Hillary, satisfied to blame it
on the lower bureaucrats’ error in judgment not to supply
adequate security. Obama needs to be impeached and Hillary
must never become president. The two criminals must pay for
their crime along with their other sleaze bag Betray-us.
Aside from those three not being held accountable, what
is most incriminating is that the very same Al Qaeda
jihadists armed, financed and supported with our American
taxpayer dollars during the Libyan regime-change are the
exact same individuals who have gotten away with murdering
those four Americans in Benghazi a year ago. America and
Saudi Arabia have been sponsoring and funding Al Qaeda
affiliated militia groups from all over the Middle East and
North Africa currently fighting Assad in Syria in our latest
regime-change war for more than two years now. When the
murders went down, Hillary’s State Department had been
acting as a cover supporting Al Qaeda elements smuggling
arms to Syria to fight in the civil war. Much of Kaddafi’s
huge stash of arms had been looted, falling into the hands
of American-backed rebel forces in Libya, most weapons that
included chemicals were never even accounted for. By pure
accident, the Benghazi tragedy reveals the ongoing war by
proxy that the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel have been raging
against Syria and its strongest allies Iran and Russia.
Obama clearly lied when he promised to ensure that the
guilty would be brought to justice. A full year after the
attack, no one has even been apprehended or arrested. Then
the FBI team sent in to investigate the Benghazi murders
never even arrived at the crime scene until a full month
after the attack, making sure that all evidence would
be lost or destroyed. Despite having videotape permitting
individual attackers to be identified by name, they still
remain free. Eleven months after the attack the US Justice
Department in August 2013 finally officially charged the
suspects in a sealed indictment. But without them in
custody, it is a hollow gesture. Of course the Libyan
government has been of no assistance in its total lack of
cooperation. As recently as June this year the lawlessness
and terror in Benghazi only continues as thirty-two Libyans
protesting and demonstrating their grievances outside an Al
Qaeda militia group headquarters were brutally massacred.
The entire eastern region of Libya today is still not under
control of the national government. With the murderers in
the Benghazi attack still at large, many are believed to
have joined US-backed anti-Assad forces fighting in Syria.   
From the original 9/11/01 attack that started the war
on terror, our government has identified Al Qaeda as our bad
guy enemy, the global network of terrorists that poses
extreme danger to all us Americans. Yet US foreign policy
that claims to be so dedicated to protecting our national
security, vigilantly and tirelessly waging perpetual war on
terror, in actuality finances, arms and supports various Al
Qaeda groups in every nation whose dictator we depose, from
Iraq, to Egypt, to Libya, to Syria. Currently the rebel
forces America is backing in Syria is largely comprised of
our enemy - jihadi Al Qaeda mercenaries. In every nation
where America has replaced dictatorships, the subsequent
puppet government we install is far too weak, too unstable,
too corrupt, and too unable to govern its region much beyond
its capital due to more powerful forces in Al Qaeda militias
or tribal chiefdoms. Total chaos and turmoil are rampant in
Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, everywhere America has
created regime changes. And the unanimous result in every
one of these nations is their national economies are
floundering now far worse than under the deposed dictator,
their living conditions far worse with sporadic electricity
and running water, and again in every nation sectarian civil
wars have emerged between ethnic and religious factions,
primarily between the Shiite Moslems (majorities in Iran and
Syria) and Sunni Moslems (majorities in Iraq, Saudi Arabia
and Qatar) opening a floodgate of increasing widespread
violence and bloodshed that includes strong potential for
genocide throughout the entire Middle East and North Africa.
And who is at fault making their world each year so much
more armed and dangerous? America of course. This is the
tragedy of our disastrous foreign policy in the Middle East,
and in fact throughout the world. Though Assad is clearly a
bad guy thug who has done very bad things to his people,
even worse atrocities are being committed by Al Qaeda rebel
forces that America is backing. Our President is a murderous
traitor guilty of sleeping with the enemy.
And now Obama seems determined to initiate more acts of
war against Syria that risks starting World War III. If this
madness is allowed to go unchecked, Obama and our Empire war
machine is committing such egregious crimes against humanity
on a gargantuan never before seen scale. Oil pipelines and
Empire control are the sinister masterminded plan one by one
being faithfully executed now by the Obama regime. In 2007
retired General Wesley Clark alluded to being privy to a
Bush memo in 2001 outlining this same diabolical neocon
plan. In violation of every international law, its goal is
to take down seven countries in five years starting with
Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Iran.
With just Syria and Iran to go, Obama is dead set on
finishing the globalists’ grand schemed plan. 
We must hold the madmen accountable. With Obama’s latest
hypocritical rush to war against Syria, he has created such
a worldwide backlash against him, both he and America’s
standing in the world grow weaker by the day. The paper
tiger’s credibility is now completely shot, and this comes
even before the ugly truth of his and Hillary’s cover-up
gets fully exposed. Fortunately with an offhand rhetorical
remark liar Kerry made, Putin has seized the opportunity to
give Obama a possible out that would save face for Obama
while saving the world for the rest of us. At least there is
a chance to dispose of Assad’s chemicals but in the process
the Al Qaeda-led rebels also have chemicals that need to be
removed while the fate of the world hangs in the balance.
Meanwhile, as the truth of Obama’s cover-up and his lies
upon lies get unraveled, I have serious concerns that he may
descend into full blown insanity, becoming increasingly so
reckless and destructive that he endangers the life of every
living person on this planet. If he goes to war, he will.
But Obama has always been a mere front man puppet
dangling on a string controlled by his oligarch masters.
Collapsing events in the Middle East are just part of their
sinister plan. As the lone ranger wearing the black hat,
Obama pounds his war drum loudest calling for air strikes on
Syria but no one’s buying it. Meanwhile, the verdict’s still
out on Assad’s use of chemicals killing hundreds in Damascus
August 21st. Few Americans are even aware that dozens of
Syrians were sarin gassed back on March 23rd, 2013 in Aleppo
by the American backed anti-Assad rebels. The UN has the
full report delivered by Russian investigators. Assad may 
very well be vindicated despite possessing chemicals.
AP freelance reporter Dale Gavlak co-wrote an article
with an on the ground Jordanian journalist there in Ghouta,
the Damascus suburb where the attack occurred. Interviewed
were rebels, eyewitnesses, doctors and victims’ family
members reporting that Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief
Prince Bandar bin Sultan was responsible for sending the
chemical weapons to the Syrian rebels. According to locals,
the chemical weapons were being received and stored in
underground tunnels where the explosions detonated. Strong
consensus maintains they were triggered accidentally by
rebels never trained or even aware that they were handling
chemical weapons. Saudi Arabia and the US have been funding
and arming the Syrian anti-government forces that include Al
Qaeda elements for over two years in efforts to overthrow
the Assad regime. “Bandar Bush,” the former Saudi Ambassador
to US, has maintained very close ties with Washington. USA
even gave the go-ahead to Bandar meeting with Russia’s
President Putin recently when he attempted to bribe Putin
guaranteeing a safe winter Olympics from Chechen terrorism
only if Putin stops all support for Assad. Putin refused.
Obama sent his three hawkish pigs Secretary of State
Kerry, Defense Secretary Hagel and Chief Joint Chairman
General Dempsey before a skeptical Congress in a feeble
attempt to convince them that Assad was behind the attack
and that America needs to punish him. Yet they refused to
reveal any sources to confirm their claims. The US has a
long history of using lies to enter wars, from the USS Maine
sinking to trigger the Spanish American War to the Gulf of
Tonkin incident used to start the Vietnam War to the phantom
WMD’s to invade Iraq. Our government is too morally bankrupt  
and our people too war wary to initiate yet another war. But
for years now that is exactly what Obama has been plotting.
Because Russia’s armed Syria to the T with sophisticated
missile defense and offensive weaponry, American air and
missile strikes will likely be far less effective than in
Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama promises that these strikes will
hit limited surgical military targets that will take out
Assad’s capacity to use chemicals, while minimizing risk of 
collateral damage and escalation that might involve ground
troops, while Kerry maintains sending troops is still very
much a viable option. In self-defense Syria will retaliate
and if any of their missiles sink a Navy warship or shoot
down a plane, GI boots will be hitting the ground running.
Though Syria exports little oil, Iran does and as Syria’s
closest ally sharing a mutual defense pact, Obama’s agenda
all along has been to get to Iran through Syria. As Syria
and Iran’s closest allies both Russia and China share major
stakes and have their warships now poised at-the-ready for
battle. Going to war against Syria will definitely elicit a
response from Iran that controls the Strait of Hormuz which
in turn controls oil flow from the Middle East to the world.
With the UN Security Council, US Congress, American
people and the entire world strongly opposing the war, Obama
may likely go ahead anyway unleashing air strikes on Syria,
forcing escalation of military conflict against the Syria-
Iran-Russia-China alliance and the shutdown of the world oil
supply that will drive up skyrocketing gas and fuel prices.
That will likely trigger the international economic crisis
that will result in the removal of the US dollar and petrol-
dollar as the standard global currencies and this in turn
will result in the aforementioned economic collapse in the
US with rippling effects around the world. The destabilizing
events in the Middle East will act as the smoke and mirrors
used to deceive Americans into blaming Syrians and Moslems
while all the while the real culprits are the ruling elite
consisting of the international banking cabal led in America
by the Federal Reserve Board. The old divide and conquer
strategy will have Americans turning against each other.
This will be the excuse used to declare martial law in USA
and police state security will be rolled out in full force.     
America has no business taking moral stands on any
subject, but particularly on killing by chemical warfare. In
that same Vietnam War that Kerry and Hagel fought, America
dumped twenty million gallons of chemicals for ten straight
years killing or maiming close to a half million people
including a half million babies born with birth defects. In
Iraq in 2004 America poured white phosphorus raining down on
the city of Fallujah melting many innocent victims’ flesh to
the bone. The tons of depleted uranium left in Iraq from
America’s two wars have caused incredible damage to the
civilian population. Fallujah alone has "the highest rate of
genetic damage in any population ever studied," according to
the Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on
Radiation Risk. Back in 1988 under the first Bush the US
supplied sarin gas (same kind believed to be used in Syria),
mustard gas and nerve gas to our then ally Saddam Hussein
and our military intelligence gave him Iran’s troop movement
occupying Kurdish cities in northern Iraq knowing he would
use our chemical weapons on his own people. Our own US Army
used poor mostly black neighborhoods in St Louis in the
early fifties as human guinea pigs pumping out radioactive
chemicals from high rise rooftops just to see how humans
react. Huge cancer rates resulted in Americans exposed.
International law forbids any chemical warfare including
tear gas to be used on an enemy yet our own Oakland police
brutally attacked Occupy Wall Street demonstrators to kill
that movement from growing. Ignitable tear gas was used to
burn and kill at least 49 adults and 27 children in the Waco 
Branch Davidian massacre in 1993. Then even before the
US dropped the only atomic bomb in human history, in one
bombing over Tokyo the year before we used napalm (as in
Vietnam) to burn 100,000 people to death injuring a million
in the single deadliest air raid during that entire war.
Bottom line, Obama and America have no place to judge on
any moral ground the use of chemical weapons when we have
killed millions of innocent humans over many years using
chemical warfare. Before Obama tells us we need to watch
the recent Syrian children victimized by chemical warfare,
he needs to take a long look at the generations of children 
born with birth defects in Vietnam and now Iraq because of
our chemical warfare. His hypocrisy is too transparent for
the entire world not to see through his phony self-righteous
façade. Thanks to Obama, now more than ever America is
viewed as a weakened, morally bankrupt enemy of the whole
world. Speaking of moral grounds, Obama has no right to
keep that Nobel Peace Prize mistakenly awarded him a few 
years back. Ever since receiving it, he’s only proven to be 
the biggest war criminal on the planet and if he had any
conscience at all, he would give it back, except psychopaths
have no conscience. The next and final chapter examines
Obama’s destructive role in the systematic loss of America’s
liberty here at home, by calculated design replacing our
democracy with the militarized security state presently
leading us to this highly disturbing end game scenario.
While US militarism is the enemy of the entire world, our
government's tyranny is the enemy of the American people.

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