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Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down


Chapter Ten (02)

American Empire - Enemy of The World

Imagine attending a wedding or a funeral, or just
relaxing at a restaurant with friends and family, peacefully
living your life out, supporting, celebrating or mourning
with those you love the most. And then all of a sudden out
of the sky comes a missile in a split second that kills you
and your family. Imagine the terror of seeing your life and
those you love so tragically and abruptly ripped apart. As a
survivor it will haunt you the rest of your life, never the
same, with the scars of emotional and physical trauma of
never quite feeling secure, or feel positive or happy ever
again, not knowing how long those elusive moments will last
before they suddenly change, before suddenly everything is
torn to pieces and you are fighting once again just to stay
alive. Your world forever changes and will never be the
same. Your fight-flight mechanism within you is forever out
of whack, forever on overdrive, never feeling for more than
a few moments at a time any sense of security, sense of
peace or sense of happiness ever again because life’s joys
have been forever stolen from you and those you love. This
form of terror is what our nation afflicts on our fellow
human beings every single day in the nations where our war
machine strikes and kills on a daily level. This permanent
warfare and terror is being perpetrated on the same people
year after year after year in places like Pakistan, a
country America says is an ally in its war on terror. Yet
every single day these cruel, insane, senseless and
unforgivable acts of violence and terror are perpetrated on
thousands if not millions of people’s lives, all caused by
the ultimate enemy of the world our military, be it attacks
from drone, bullets, bombs or missiles. The outcome is
always the same, murdering innocent people day in and day
out for years, now decades at a time. This brand of horror
violates every international law and treaty. From the Hague
to Geneva the United States commits crimes against humanity
in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali,
Congo, Libya, soon Syria and Iran and probably dozens of
more places we Americans do not even yet know about... and
eventually they will soon be coming to a neighborhood near
you as promised and delivered by Obama and our fascist
militarized police state.
If only for a moment you think about the utter
destruction and devastation our Empire’s killing machine has
had, is having and will continue having, harming innocent
humans all over this earth, the humanity in us will cry out
in pain for the sins committed in our name, and our anger to
want to finally stop this evil madness will drive us to acts
of bravery we never imagined. Though few of us may rise to
such a challenge as the heroic courage iconically displayed
by that one dissident confronting those oppressive Chinese
tanks on Tiananmen Square in 1989, if just one hundredth of
the world’s population at any given time could muster just
one tenth the amount of resolve and strength to make that
ultimate level of sacrifice for peace and the common greater
good for all of humanity, instantly we could change this
world in one day forever for the better.
Though in recent times America’s destruction has only
accelerated, our nation’s crimes against humanity have been
constant in every decade. In a period of less than three
months in 1999 without UN Security Council approval, US led
NATO forces commanded by West Pointer General Wesley Clark
violated international law flying 32,000 combat sorties over
the former Yugoslavia. Intentionally taking out civilian
targets such as the Serbian state radio headquarters
constituted a war crime. But only Serbians were tried as war
criminals. Yet estimates of at least 500 civilians were also
killed. General Clark repeatedly lied, claiming out of the
72,000 bombs dropped, only twenty had missed their military
targets and denied that any civilian buildings were ever
targeted, including the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. Against
every international law, cluster bombs were also used
extensively during this air offensive where human targets
would be cut into shreds. Soon the US built a large air
force base there crucial for military interventions in the
Middle East and a corporate power grab was scrambling over
previously state run companies.
In America’s first Gulf War in 1991 George Bush senior
had concentrated air strikes specifically targeting Iraq’s
hospitals, water and sanitation facilities in what amounted
to as a direct assault on the health and well being of all
Iraqi civilians. Along with the tons of depleted uranium
dumped, in worst hit areas a rise in cancer rates of 600%
resulted, especially amongst their children. Dysentery,
hepatitis and a host of other lethal diseases that swept
across the nation killed a half million Iraqi children
alone, and a million Iraqi adults, all compliments of George
senior as Commander-in-Chief. Of course not to be outdone,
junior was responsible for over a million and a half Iraqi
deaths of his own during this last decade alone.
President Reagan jump started a massive military build
up throughout the 1980’s, also signing off on many illegal
clandestine atrocities in Latin America. During the Iran-
Contra scandal, the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)
started, teaming the most highly skilled killers in military
intelligence and special forces with the most highly skilled
killers in the CIA. Our covert operations were financing,
arming, training and advising death squads throughout
Central and South America, most notoriously in Nicaragua and
El Salvador. A West Point classmate of mine, Ricardo
Sanchez, as an officer in the El Salvadoran Army witnessed
multiple firsthand accounts of the atrocities perpetrated
by American trained counterinsurgency guerillas Reagan
fondly called “freedom fighters” after they had wiped out
entire villages. Another common CIA practice was running
drugs for arms. The American military also is infamous for
its US Army School of the Americas although it was later
renamed after coming under so much criticism for training
torture techniques and covert counterintelligence warfare to
Latin American government personnel that were all too
frequently dictators and their death squad commandos. Today
our tax base still keep it operating at Fort Benning, GA.
Finally, talk to the millions of humans around the
globe that suffer everyday as innocent lifetime victims of
America’s military aggressions, from Vietnam to the current
battlefields. Nick Turse’s Vietnam War expose, “Kill
Anything That Moves,” chronicles America’s war crimes in
Southeast Asia when during a stretch in 1968 and 1969 with
Operation Speedy Express upwards of a half million innocent
South Vietnamese civilians were systematically massacred.
The one incident that got reported, the My Lai Massacre,
turns out was just the tip of the iceberg. And that figure
does not even include all the innocent napalm victims in
Laos and Cambodia from the thousands of air strikes secretly
launched over those nations we were supposedly not even at
war with. Millions in families have suffered the loss of
their murdered family members. Then there is the suffering
of those thousands if not millions more left seriously
injured and maimed along with their suffering families. The
bottom line is in the last half century no other nation on
earth has murdered even remotely close to the astounding
numbers of innocent civilians from so many countries as our
imperialistic war machine has exterminated. Shame on the US.
In the name of spreading democracy and nation building,
America’s war policies have afflicted so much pain and
suffering on peoples from countries on every continent. Of
course none of this will ever be covered by the mainstream
corporate media behind today’s war embedded reporting. The
American Empire agenda has failed to heed a single costly
lesson from our first failed counterinsurgency war, the
Vietnam debacle, except one. It now knows better than to
broadcast the true ugliness and horror of bloody war into
our living rooms TV screens ever again. More than any other
single factor, watching American soldiers lay wounded and
dying on the battlefields of Vietnam, rapidly almost
instantaneously, turned America against that war.
Just as the press since Vietnam has been silenced to
never again show war in real time as it actually unfolds,
decades of graphic, ugly, raw truth of mass murder
systematically committed on the grandest global scale of all
conveniently goes by unnoticed. Instead, all we see are
super[war]heroes, cartoon caricatures of Rambo, The Rock and
GI Joe representing America as one-man killing machines. In
case you haven’t noticed, modern American films have been
strategically, artificially altered for the sake of both
justifying and covering up centuries of American Empire wars
... no more real battle scenes, no more real blood and guts,
and no more real body bags displayed. All have disappeared
from the modern era, leaving us only the sanitized version
of “corporatized war, Inc.” By executive order, only USA
rubber-stamped, jingoistic spin gets promoted anymore. The
fascist US government has muzzled Hollywood from depicting
war as it really is. Only the biggest blockbusters full of
blow-em’-up special effects get the royal studio promo
treatment in coast-to-coast wide-eyed distribution. And from
one century to the next, the brainwashing beat goes on,
deadbeats go on, global wars go on and millions of humans
don’t go on beyond their grave.
Rare are any films from the last quarter century that
come close to accurate depiction of war, its destructive
horror of not only the dead but especially the remaining,
living casualties of war. Because less than one percent of
Americans fight US wars and government censors and controls
all war coverage today, war atrocities are going on secretly
every single day around the globe, unbeknownst to us 99 per
centers. American Empire sends US Special Ops forces into
134 nations daily to train foreign death squads, both out of
sight and out of mind from the 99% of us censored, sheltered
and brainwashed Americans, too busily playing and watching
violent video game wars to notice. If you can find any of
the 1% rotating between multiple combat tours, talk to Iraq
or Afghanistan war veterans about their war experience. Or
talk to my Vietnam Marine Corps buddy as one of only three
survivors from his original company of 150 to make it out of
Nam alive in ‘65. Or my centenarian dad who struggled and
suffered the last three quarters of a century from PTSD
flashbacks and nightmares. My war hero father from the
greatest generation became an innocent victim, reluctantly
carrying out and refusing war crime orders in the Pacific
Naval theater, but not before gunning down every Asian born
man, woman and child found in the water. Innocent victims
caught in the wrong place at the wrong time of US Empire
crosshairs, today regularly referred to as collateral
damage. Our bloodstained red, white and blue history crams
crime after crime against humanity into each and every chapter.
Not since Oliver Stone’s 1989 Tom Cruise-Ron Kovic
collaboration “Born on the Fourth of July” has real human
effects of war been realistically covered. Other than a few
documentaries, no film in the last quarter century has dared
to portray war in Iraq and Afghanistan as it really is. By
design, we won’t be seeing US occupying invaders sucking the
lifeblood out of dying occupied Moslems on our TV, pc or
silver screens any time too soon. The last time we did, a
whistleblowing Nobel Peace Prize nominee was being sentenced
to thirty-five years behind bars. America’s endless war
crime atrocities will never be honestly shown. All through
the ages the Hollywood war machine has promoted blockbuster
after blockbuster ad nauseum, from John Wayne to Rambo-
Stallone-Schwarzenegger-The Rock look-alike action robots, a
full century of brainwashing war jester cutouts to match
every brought-to-you-by-America war. Hollywood films exploit
human suffering behind false bravado, fake heroics of
cartoon-like, tinsel-town poster boys, matched in real life
by the true mass murdering poster boy-thugs Petraeus and
Obama. Finally, mass desensitization of war and violence
occurs through controlled mass media that by design, keep
the Empire lights burning alive and well, and the rest of
the world’s masses burning dead and not so well.
A sad irony exists between the pervasive, insidiously subtle
and not so subtle invasion of the military industrial complex
into our homes and daily lives.
Whether it be done overtly through the military action
figures in our video games, toys, films and TV shows or
the various mass media outlets such as the huge defense contractor
GE owning CBS, or more covertly through special ops
wars secretly being waged around the globe or the decade plus
longest wars in our nation’s history, fueled by the US government-Hollywood
propaganda blitz continuing to brainwash Americans into believing
the US military’s global presence is a force for good,
while everyday we unknowingly consume hundreds of products
put out by military industrial complex corporations holding gargantuan
defense contracts with the Pentagon. Like it or not, war, violence and the military
are firmly embedded in our national psyche, culture and history.
Yet that said, never before has there been such a vast
and massive chasm, disconnect and divide between the US civilian
population and the US military.
Class of 1969 West Point graduate, retired colonel and best selling author
Andrew Bacevich has devoted an entire book to this far reaching phenomenon
published last fall called “Breach of Trust” (MacMillan Books).
My old West Point roommate and former Afghan Ambassador Karl Eikenberry
wrote a poignant Memorial Day article in the New York Times
about this very same subject when a volunteer army comprising
less than one percent of the American population are fighting all
the American Empire wars.
The topic has never been more relevant and important in the national
dialogue of pink elephants urgently needing discussion and
debate amongst our citizenry both in and out of uniform.
The global strategy of the powers-that-be is to
militarize every nation in Africa, Middle East and Central
Asia extending all the way to the western China border
securing a permanent war state while seizing control over
oil and all the earth’s most precious natural resources.
This war crime aggression on steroids ensures that the
corporate power elite continues its cycle of record profit,
expands the Empire over a massive critical geo-political
land mass achieving unprecedented global dominance and
control, and effectively hems in and blocks arch-rivals
Russia and China from competing in this international power
grab. What the megalomaniacal oligarchic architects
orchestrating all this earthly plundering are planning is
the very downfall of America by eliminating our middle
class. That in effect lowers our standard of living closer
to meet the ever so slightly rising Third World level. In
just over three decades the US has gone from being the
world’s largest creditor to becoming the number one debtor
nation on earth, with rising rival China its mainline
creditor now the largest in the world. This unchecked surge
in global militarism is economically as well as politically
unsustainable. As the rate of our out of control military
aggression and spending collide with our out of control
mounting debt, obviously something has to give. Seeing the
writing on the wall, in recent years a number of nations
have been quietly switching over from the US dollar as the
standard international currency to their own.
Thus, in an effort to buffer themselves from the gravest of coming
repercussions following America’s impending collapse, they
are shrewdly preparing for the inevitable. With the entire
globe watching what is happening, of course our bought and
sold corporate media is keeping us Americans in the dark so
we will be the last to know what dire consequences await us.
With its days numbered, America as the world’s only
superpower continues to threaten, bully, flounder and commit
unilateral military aggression and murder around the globe,
defying and destroying many of the world’s nations in its
wake. For a number of decades now America in the form of our
government’s disastrous foreign policy has been increasingly
alienating itself from the rest of the world. This collision
course America is racing towards is the stage that has long
been set and fixed into motion well in advance of the
economic collapse that is fast approaching. America
primarily and to a far lesser extent other countries on
every continent will soon plunge into an economic darkness
the likes of which will surpass even America’s Great
Depression of the 1930’s. Virtually all of earth’s
inhabitants stand to lose, that is, all but the 1% global
oligarchy. Comprised of the richest Americans, Europeans and
Japanese, this handful of murderous conspirators will be the
only ones who stand to profit as its lethal stranglehold
solidifies total dominion over the earth at the sacrificial
expense of a dwindling global population that will suffer
immeasurable despair, harm and destruction.
Obama’s current rush to war in Syria is far better
understood by taking a hard look at the Benghazi embassy
attack. The so called Arab spring revolts in Middle Eastern
nations have largely been the result of covert manipulation
by the CIA. After getting rid of our one time allies Hussein
and Mubarak, next on our regime-change hit list came Libya’s
Kaddafi. Prior to Kaddafi’s overthrow, in February 2011
future Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens was sent to
Benghazi, a city in eastern Libya that has long been a
hotbed of Islamic extremism that includes various Al Qaeda
affiliated groups and militias. Stevens spoke Arabic and had
twenty years of foreign diplomatic service experience when
he was selected to become the Ambassador after the fall of
the Kaddafi government. The State Department sent him to
work in Benghazi rather than the Libyan capital Tripoli to
assist the area’s transition to the new puppet government
the US installed. But because Benghazi and eastern Libya had
a history of resisting national governance, Stevens faced an
uphill struggle and near impossible task. Beginning in June
of last year three full months prior to the Benghazi embassy
compound attack that killed the Ambassador and three other
Americans, Stevens’ requests for increased security began
falling on deaf ears in Washington. Stevens’ boss, Secretary
of State Hillary Clinton, failed to heed any of his
increasingly urgent calls. Just days prior to the embassy
onslaught, the British consulate was attacked and all its
diplomatic staff were safely evacuated away from Benghazi.
In recent months efforts to blame Stevens for being
responsible for the lack of security in Benghazi have been
anonymously leaked, insisting that Stevens twice had turned
down offers of increased military security from AFRICOM
commander General Ham. Stevens’ own deputy ambassador in
Tripoli apparently never knew of any such alleged offers.
Other efforts to lay blame have been on low level
bureaucrats in the State Department that failed to authorize
full military security, relegating the Benghazi compound as
a temporary outpost. Of course this is just another feeble
attempt to shield Queen Hillary who sent Stevens herself to
Benghazi fully aware of it being an Al Qaeda trouble spot.
But it was ideal for all the covert CIA and special ops
needed to coordinate the arms smuggling operation that
Obama, Hillary and Petraeus were knee deep in. Stevens may
have felt he was being used as the State Department cover
for clandestine activity he wanted no part of. As a former
Peace Corps volunteer and seasoned career diplomat, becoming
a lookout for an immoral criminal gun running operation may
not have been what he had signed on for as Libya Ambassador.
Thus, he very likely voiced his objection to what his bosses
in Washington were misusing him for, and as vindictive and
petty as Obama and Hillary are, Stevens was likely punished
for not going along with their program. Hence, all his
urgent cries for security were ignored, including his
desperate cry for help moments before his murder that night.
Meanwhile, as he and three other Americans lay dying, back
in the States Obama was flying out West to another high brow
fundraiser so he could self-servingly get reelected. 
What is most certain is that this trouble spot region
was the hub of activity for special ops units comprised of
special forces and a large number of CIA operatives whose
headquarters in Benghazi was out of a safely defended annex
not far from Stevens’ consulate compound. This annex housed
personnel that coordinated the arms smuggling operation to
Syria. Two former special ops operatives Brandon Webb and
Jack Murphy, authors of “Benghazi: The Definitive Report,”
claim that a bureaucratic breakdown in communication between
CIA and JSOC caused local Benghazi radicals to attack and
kill Americans on 9/11/12. They believe that just days
before a recent assassination of a Libyan CIA informant by
special ops angered local militias enough to carry out the
attack. They speculate that the root cause of the American
embassy deaths was the result of the left hand not knowing
what the right hand was doing in the over-compartmentalized,
ultra-guarded secrecy of competing clandestine intelligence
operations and that this problem commonly serves as a major
barrier and significant dysfunction within American foreign
policy. They believe the Ambassador was probably only
peripherally aware of the high presence of CIA and JSOC
operations but was never directly involved or looped in.
Of course others conjecture that he knew too much and had
become a thorn in the side of the hierarchical status quo.
Though these former special ops authors may shed some
light on the Benghazi story, far more went down than they
allude to. Despite requests for more security, it was never
given. So when a hundred members of local militia stormed
the gates of the compound carrying machine guns and rocket
propelled grenades (RPG’s), the handful of unarmed Libyan
security contractors fled immediately and soon the building
was in flames. The nearby CIA annex in Benghazi where
thirty-five CIA agents worked was called to help those at
the embassy. CIA security officer Tyrone Woods convinced his
supervisor at the annex with five other security personnel
to rush to the embassy. Both Woods and Glen Doherty were
former Navy Seals commandos who died from bullet wounds in
the ensuing gun battle while Sean Smith, an information
officer, and Ambassador Christopher Stevens had already died
from smoke inhalation. Due to Woods and Doherty’s heroics
along with the four other CIA agents, the remaining embassy
staff were able to safely escape the burning compound. An
overhead surveillance drone had been dispatched over the
compound prior to the second attack. President Obama,
Secretary of State Clinton and CIA Director Petraeus
were all informed of the crisis in the afternoon local
Washington time. Yet they chose to not even bother to send
Marines in, figuring they would take too long to arrive from
Tripoli. So after ignoring the Ambassador’s pleas urging
for more security the three prior months, they also coldly
refused to order military assistance. Instead they ordered
UN Ambassador Susan Rice to later lie to the public claiming
the attack was instigated by that lame anti-Moslem youtube
video. Under increasing pressure, suddenly Hillary keeled
over with a brain clot to conveniently dodge more questions.
Petraeus suddenly was engulfed in scandal with his “All In”
mistress, retiring from the CIA and out of sight for months
thereafter, conveniently, shamelessly ducking out from his
hot seat. Soon enough Clinton was resigning as Secretary of
State, evading any further scrutiny as the Ambassador’s boss
most responsible for the deaths of the four Americans. Of
course she is counting on her laying low out of the public
spotlight just long enough to distance herself from Benghazi
to make another run for President in 2016. But while briefly
still back on the job and those nagging Benghazi questions
weren’t going away fast enough, she completely lost it,
screaming, “What difference does it make?” ... obviously all
the difference in the world to her and her buddy Barrack. On
last year’s 9/11, Obama, Clinton and Petraeus sacrificed
four American lives to preserve their careers as powerful,
very evil despots who decades ago sold their souls to the
devil. Not a peep from corporate media on the anniversary.
President Obama and Hillary Clinton have gone to great
lengths to make sure that their cover-up concealing the
truth never gets exposed. With the attack taking place less
than two months prior to Obama’s reelection, the truth would
never see the light of day.

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