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Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down


Chapter Ten (01)

American Empire - Enemy of The World


I grew up a kid in the USA proud to be an American,
back when being an American meant something good to the rest
of the world. After all, we helped Europe beat back Hitler
and Imperialistic Japan, then helped Europe rebuild and
overcome the devastating destruction from the Second World
War. Our benevolence and good will extended even to our
enemies Germany and Japan, aiding them to eventually become
the economic powerhouses that rose from their ashes of
defeat. From day one the American doctrine was that we were
always the good guys who never failed to come to the rescue
of those nations and people less fortunate than ourselves.
Our love for America was never in doubt or question. As the
melting pot for all races and ethnicities from all over the
world, the United States uniquely stood alone for justice
and equality as the model nation accepting human diversity
in all its richness, holding firm our conviction that it
only made us stronger as both a people and a nation. As a
Christian republic, we Americans were “the chosen ones,”
endowed with a wealth of natural resources, a post-WWII
booming economy steeped in the tradition of Yankee
ingenuity, blessed more than we knew living in the most
prosperous nation on earth. Reciting the Pledge of
Allegiance every morning in grade school instilled in us the
creed that America was truly special as both the land of the
free and the land of plenty. Americans proudly believed in
its democratic ideology, and felt it our moral duty to
uplift and make over the entire world in our own democratic
image, not unlike God making humans over in his own image.
We patriotically embraced the eloquent wisdom of our
Founding Fathers faithfully taught in history books,
assuming our democratic model of government always
represented not only the best interests of our nation’s
people, but every nation’s people. Another given was when
America went to war, as the good guys it was always for a
good and righteous cause, spreading freedom around the
world, and again assisting nations that needed our support
and guidance in gaining our much coveted brand of democratic
freedom. To this innocent, idealistic white kid growing up
in suburban Massachusetts in the late fifties and early
sixties, surrounded by iconic history like the Pilgrims
landing on Plymouth Rock, the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere
and John Adams launching the Revolution, right up to our
very own young Senator JFK laying Camelot claim as America’s
greatest President of modern times, life was good. Back then
it seemed we were all proud to be Americans, offering a
shining beacon of strength, hope and promise of a better
future for the rest of the world. If there ever was a “good
old days,” those certainly were it.
But that was then, and this is now. Our American cities
have fallen into Third World post-apocalyptic decay.
Hollowed out empty shells of broken glass buildings with
boarded up windows now line the streets of Detroit, looking
more like a dead urban war zone than the once flourishing,
wealthiest city in America just decades before. Near the
banks of another Great Lake, black kids are killing black
kids in the lawless, gun-infested jungle of south Chicago,
screaming out to a dying, can’t be bothered nation. The
domestic infrastructure of our once shining metropolises,
our super duper interstate highways, our majestically solid
bridges that reliably kept the thriving interconnected web
of us fast moving producers supplying the world with
American made products, all now lie in rusted out decay and
ruin of the once-was-greatness called America. The once
mighty manufacturing giant of the world is now a nation of
mass consumers dependent on foreign imports mostly from
China. “What happened?,” we lament as a nation in woeful
shock and dismay, grieving our national loss.
Like the Roman Empire nearly a millennium ago, America
is falling fast. We are currently in a constant crisis mode
as the American Empire crumbles and burns. But instead of
Rome burning, this time it’s Washington DC, Detroit and 
virtually all our major urban centers throughout the United
States. Instead of investing in its own people and its aging
infrastructure, creating thousands of desperately needed
jobs, our federal government has chosen to drain our
national economy, bleeding middleclass taxpayers dry with
two wars lasting longer than any prior wars in American
history. Our tax dollars are paying for a gluttonous and
corrupt military industrial complex that is now firmly in
control but spinning us out of control in megalomaniacal
global destruction. The defense contractors like Lockheed,
Halliburton, Boeing, Northrop, General Electric and General
Dynamics have scored record breaking profits supplying the
American Empire with military hardware and weaponry that 
have squandered our tax dollars. Too many of their weapons
either do not work properly or are not needed at all. But
Congressmen worried over lost jobs in their districts and a
“more is better” Pentagon philosophy feed a growing military
industrial complex with an insatiable appetite for record
breaking profits. As a result of this gluttonous orgy of
misspent taxpayer dollars, America spends more money on its
military than the rest of the world combined. Since 9/11
Pentagon brass are also wielding more power than any
previous time in American history. US generals, politicians
and global corporations have sold the American people on a
permanent national security state at home and a permanent
war state around the world. Meanwhile, the corporate
controlled media acts as a disinformation and propaganda
mouthpiece keeping Americans uninformed in the dark while
exploiting our fear that a terrorist is lurking around
every corner. Like a highly toxic, cancerous affliction that
is devouring itself until it implodes, the sprawling
military industrial complex has betrayed all us Americans.
America’s rising global militarism manifests in US arms
sales now supplying near half the world’s total arms, three
times that of our next nearest competitor Russia. 1.3
million American personnel are stationed at over a thousand
active US military installations on every continent save
Antarctica, literally off the blood, sweat, tears and backs
of every American taxpayer. Trillions of our hard earned
bucks are currently wasted on an overextended Empire waging
dozens of dirty little secret wars around the world.
Jeremy Scahill’s “Dirty Wars: The World Is A
Battlefield,” reveals how Special Forces and CIA engage in
covert joint operations financing, training and arming death
squads in countless Third World countries in every corner of
the globe. Navy Seals, Delta Force and Army Ranger units
typically throw unlimited amounts of taxpayers’ cash around
to local militias supporting the US backed dictatorship
governments in power to come up with names of alleged
insurgents. Then they conduct nightly raids invading homes,
frequently murdering entire families including women and
children, thousands of innocent civilians in the process, in
war crimes that have the understandable effect of turning
people who before were not against America to want to seek
revenge for the deaths of their own innocent family members.
Our brutal clandestine operations serve as the perfect Al
Qaeda recruiting station for justifiably angry young men
committed to avenge the murder of their family by joining
jihadist insurgency groups often associated with the Al
Qaeda network. America’s crimes against humanity ensure that
a ready-made enemy produced throughout these nether regions
will continue fueling permanent war on terror. Under sealed
ultra-guarded secrecy, there is absolutely no accountability
in these joint covert military-CIA “special ops” wars. And
Americans cannot understand why we are hated so much around
the world. Our military is turning the world against us.
Our very own Commander-in-Chief Obama has a hands-on
approach to waging war by playing God, acting as judge, jury
and executioner of individuals around the globe who end up
on death lists submitted to Obama at weekly meetings by his
intelligence agencies. This is how our leader hand picks
targets to be killed by American drone strikes. That often
Obama and company in their illegal drone attacks also kill
innocent people who are not terrorists apparently does
not phase our hands-on President who practically lines up
his victims in the crosshairs and pulls the trigger. This
is not the same man we thought we elected on hope for our
future, the man who promised to bring compassion, reason and
transparency back to America, restoring damage we suffered 
in the eyes of the world under the Bush-Cheney nightmare.
Times and this man have radically changed. Now even fellow
American citizens are being murdered with next to no effort 
to capture, charge and try his hit list victims. A sixteen
year old born in Colorado living in Yemen was assassinated
who had no ties to terrorism but whose only apparent crime
was being born the son of a father allegedly an Al Qaeda
sympathizer. Obama has been spared the press asking the
obvious question “why” but his press secretary acting on his
behalf answered that he should have picked a better parent.
Two weeks after the father and another American friend were
killed, in a separate drone attack on the son, his Yemeni
cousin and friends were killed. When Senator Majority Leader
Harry Reid was pressed to respond, his answer was “if there
were three Americans deserving to die, it was those three.”
Never mind those weeping Yemeni mothers who lost their young
sons. Pretty pathetic when the most powerful leaders of the
so called free world feel so flippant and smug assassinating
innocent kids, much less one being American. Even more
shocking and arrogant, earlier this year Obama stated that
he could see himself using drone strikes to assassinate
American citizens on US soil. Where is the democratic
principle that the accused are presumed innocent until
proven guilty? What happened to the right to a fair trial
with a jury of your peers? It seems evident that since 9/11,
there is no such thing as the US Constitution and a Bill of
Rights protecting Americans of their legal rights. Obama and
his war machine apparently are above the law, and are now
assuming the ultimate power of God in meting out punishment
toward those they disfavor, of course all justified in the
name of our national security. It’s carte blanche for US
crimes against humanity. American exceptionalism has risen
to a new height by plummeting to a shameful new low.
In the profound yet sobering words of Abraham Lincoln:
“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we
falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we
destroyed ourselves.” Since it was on his watch that this
nation came closest to destroying itself, more than any
other American in history, Lincoln should know. But now that
our own president is literally pulling the trigger killing
Americans, I’m afraid we have already lost our freedoms Abe. 
But then brute force aggression and destruction is
nothing new for America. For centuries now God ordained us
with Manifest Destiny, and American exceptionalism traced
back to our very roots has always reigned supreme. With
absolute and complete impunity, the US has been violating
every treaty, both domestic and international, plus every
international law, every Geneva Convention rule, including
the United Nations Charter and the World Court, defiantly
committing crimes against humanity with war crime atrocity
after war crime atrocity. Just to name a few in a quick
snapshot of American history - the genocide against Native
Americans, enslavement of twelve million Africans, stolen
land from Mexico, 200,000 Filipinos brutally murdered in
colonial Philippines, two atomic bombs dropped on Japanese
cities, unilateral invasions of Korea, Vietnam, right up
to Iraq and presently Afghanistan. The above list does not
even cover the more than a hundred assassinations and coups
de tats we have executed, nor the even greater number of
failed attempts at assassinating prominent leaders. But
here’s the short list against democratic leaders - 1953
Iran, 1960 Congo, 1961 Haiti and Dominican Republic (a two
for one island deal), 1966 Ghana, 1973 Chile...so much for
our good will in spreading our democracy around the world.
Without a cold war enemy in sight the last two decades,
US aggression has only intensified. And since 9/11 under the
guise of national security, more than ever our devastating
war machine has become a menacing terror and enemy of the
entire world. If you question this statement, just talk to
the thousands of families mostly in the Middle East, who
have lost loved ones as innocent victims to the US killing
machine. American air strikes, drone strikes, stray bullets
strike and willful war crime massacres have struck that have
killed many thousands of innocent civilians throughout the
world in recent years.
Meanwhile here at home, millions of Americans in recent
decades have lost badly needed social services and federally
supportive programs that feed the hungry, care for the
needy, shelter the homeless, and provide sorely needed jobs
to struggling families. With the economy faltering badly and
so many Americans out of work, just ask them if their world
feels any safer or more secure, knowing that the bulk of
their taxpayer dollars have been busily funding multiple
Empire wars around the world, so each passing year the
greedy oil companies and greedy bankers can ensure they make
record setting profits with each new year surpassing the
last. Then adding insult to injury, President Obama bails 
the biggest banks out with more of our taxpayer dollars. No
sooner than this travesty goes down than the bank CEO’s are
claiming their multimillion dollar yearend bonuses just as
members of the middle class sink despairingly into hapless
members of the growing lower class. Arming the world and
making wars have depleted our choking national economy,
destroyed our middle class, and created an enormous national
deficit we can never pay back while making war profiteers of
the military industrial complex gluttonously filthy richer.
Meanwhile, talk to the thousands of American veterans
and their families over the last several decades who have
realized they have been used and abused by our government
war machine that eagerly sends them into harm’s way, most
recently on two fronts for three, four and even five back-
to-back deployments fighting our permanent war on terror.
Ask how strained, unsupported, betrayed and alone they feel
once they finally permanently return home (that is if not
already in a body bag). Suffering from acute cases of Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or permanent brain injury or
missing arms and legs, thus no longer of any use to our
government, they have literally been used up, discarded and
thrown aside, too physically and/or psychologically damaged
to be used again as human fodder on the global chessboard.
As this cold hard reality sinks in, how they have been so
manipulated as expendable tools, mere bodies thrown on the
heap to fill over-stretched thinning ranks on two warfronts,
desolation and anger set in. At home our veterans typically
join the growing ranks of the chronically unemployed, often
still addicted to the adrenalin rush of battle, compulsively
self-medicating with alcohol and drugs, engaging in alarming
rates of domestic violence, eventual separation and divorce,
or killing themselves at an unprecedented, never before seen
rate of near 10%, whichever comes first.
The latest suicide statistics released by the Centers
for Disease Control (CDC) show that what is left of the
aging Vietnam veteran population increased its suicide rate
more than any other particular group while their overall
peer age group (now 58-62 year olds) sustained the highest
jump of any age group from 1999 to 2010 up by 49%. These
rising suicide figures corroborate common acceptance that
experiencing the horror of combat leaves lifelong wounds
that likely never heal the fragile human psyche. Many of
these older vets have long been bitter, angry and
distrusting toward their government, which in many cases has
only caused them to refuse seeking help.
If you think things are any better under Obama’s watch,
talk to those still dying in the civil war in Iraq that
America created as its parting gift to the Iraqi people. The
sectarian violence continues to kill approximately four
thousand Iraqis a year. Recent reports are emerging of
hundreds if not thousands of families that have been
poisoned, now struggling with alarming rates of their
newborn babies deformed by toxic chemicals left behind in
America’s war rubble. The Afghanistan War looks just as
bleak with President Karzai less in control of the country
outside his capital Kabul than when he was hand picked as
America’s puppet a decade earlier. And now American soldiers
are just as apt to be killed by the so called friendly fire
of Afghan troops that they are ostensibly training as by the
Taliban enemy themselves.

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